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Di Bruno Bros. Returns as Cheese Bar Sponsor

We can not express how excited we are to have Di Bruno Bros. return (for the fourth year) as a Philly Chili Bowl Cheese Bar sponsor!


It all started in 2012 when 3rd generation Di Bruno Bros. owner – Emilio Mignucci joined us on the judging panel. We fed him 25 chili’s at the 2012 Philly Chili Bowl and he handled it with grace. Not only did he agree to endure masses of flavors and heat-level’s, but he also hooked it up with a Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Bar to compliment the numerous styles of chili offered!

This year Di Bruno Bros. returns with a very exciting Cheese Bar to pair with the wacky chili’s of 2015.  Be warned, it’s going to be an awesome bar, all thanks to the king of cheese!

Hot Off the Press: Pabst Heats up Philly Chili Bowl V!!!!


On Sunday March 23rd, the best chili chef in Philadelphia will touch the gold of the 5th Annual BigBite Chili Bowl 1st place trophy. Though everyone else may not be so lucky, they will get a chance to touch a cold Pabst. Yup, Pabst Blue Ribbon, everyone’s favorite 170 year old beer, is helping to make this year’s chili bowl extra special!!! Not only will the lovely bartenders at the Ukie offer Pabst and Pabst cocktails for $1.50 and $2.00, but Pabst has introduced a new layer to our competition!!!

Two of our Philly Chili Bowl contenders will also be competing in a separate competition – The PBR CHILI CHALLENGE! Two lucky contestants were chosen via social media and will be competing with one very special ingredient… You guessed it! Pabst Blue Ribbon. Contestant were given a 30 pack of PBR to get started on their recipes. Join us and vote for your Philly Chili Bowl winner, People’s Choice Winner AND the first-ever PBR Chili Challenge Winner! Phew! Chili galore! The PBR Chili Challenge winner will  be showered special prizes from Pabst at the event.

All of this yummy chili will no doubt make you thirsty come Sunday. Rest assured that a cold Pabst will be within arm’s reach to quench that thirst!


Herr’s Sponsors 2013 Philly Chili Bowl!

What goes great with chili and beer??? Potato Chips!

The classic American potato chip brand returns as a sponsor at the 2013 Philly Chili Bowl!

Herr’s slogan – Live Life with Flavor  – certainly reflects how BigBite will live life on March 9th….with tons of chili and potato chip flavors!! Grab a bag and just dump your 25 chili samples all over these crunchy, salty and delicious chips!


About Herr Foods Inc.

A recognized leader in the snack food industry, Herr Foods Inc. is headquartered in Nottingham, PA. The family-owned-and-operated company began 64 years ago in Lancaster, Pa., and now employs over 1,400 people who make 340+ delicious snack products that are available worldwide. For more information on Herr Foods Inc. please visit us at or become a fan of us on Facebook.

Longarm Services by Joyce Sponsors Philly Chili Bowl 4

longarm services by joyce.02

BigBite would like to thank and welcome back Longarm Services by Joyce as Philly Chili Bowl 4’s sponsor. Longarm has our back because they know, a hot bowl of chili with your toes wrapped up in a warm quilt is the perfect combination- like salt on watermelon;  or cucumbers in vinegar; or Hot Cheetos & Takis. Cranking out quilts faster than a team of grannies, Joyce’s longarm machine is super fast, and also an affordable alternative to traditional quilting.  So if you’re looking to keep warm or in search of that one of a kind gift, Joyce has you covered!

 Give some special a memory quilt showcasing your special pictures.

Give someone special a memory quilt showcasing your special pictures.

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Joyce also has many quilts for sale. For more info, check out and like Longarm by Joyce’s Facebook.

Longarm Services by Joyce

(609) 80-QUILT (78458)

Irvin J Productions Sponsors Philly Chili Bowl 4

irvin-j-logo (1)

Documenting all the highlights of Philly Chili Bowl 4 and making your chili memories, memorable, BigBite’s elated to have Irvin J Productions on board to capture us! Irvin J Productions is an independent videography company that specializes in a wide range of video projects from social gatherings, weddings, sweet 16s, sour 80s, and even your interview with RZA!


If you have an upcoming event that needs a special touch, Irvin is that dude.  He assembles a professional project, fits it with a soundtrack, and will have you considering using Irvin J Productions to record your second wedding.  Irvin will travel anywhere within the tri-state area to record your memories. Contact him via phone, email, or just tap the dude with the video camera on March 9th to obtain more information about Irvin J’s services.

Irvin J he be sippin amaretta!

Irvin J Productions
Check out more videos on Irvin J Production’s Youtube.

Fashion Forward Designer Boutique to Sponsor Philly Chili Bowl 4


We are excited to announce that Fashion Forward has joined in helping to sponsor the 4th Annual Philly Chilly Bowl. BigBite events attract a lot of stylish folks so it is no wonder Fashion Forward and BigBite had such a wonderful relationship! If you are still new to Fashion Forward, get with the program and read below!!

In the heart of Philly’s Chestnut Hill area , consignment boutique Fashion Forward is a one-stop shop for designer hand bags and upscale brand name women’s clothing  for those of us that may not have a “designer budget”.   Whether you’re searching for a Marc Jacobs purse, Prada bag, or some boots with the furrrrr, Chanel accessories,  you’ll be thrilled to find high-quality near new designer garments at an affordable price. Let Fashion Forward’s lovely proprietor, Ayana Hamilton style you like the stars!!!

Fashion Forward Designer Resale Boutique
7906 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19118
(215) 247-3868

CrossFaded Bacon Sponsors Philly Chili Bowl 4

And they’re baaaaaccckkk!!!!

Philly’s best party-rocking duo – Emynd & Bo Bliz return as Philly Chili Bowl Sponsors! Why? Because they know what’s up! Holla!!!


These two are the masterminds behind the Record Label/Blog/Clothing Brand Crossfaded Bacon and have been providing Philly’s cool kids with their patented unruly parties like their 1st Friday staple, the Bounce at the BarbaryThis party is one of the best dance parties in the city. They also run the very unique “It’s the Year” parties along with 215Hiphop at Johnny Brenda’s, where music from a particular year is played for the entire night. Trust us:  if you want to take a stroll through memory lane, then go to this party.

Crossfaded Bacon,  is a label that specializes in releasing weird awesomeness, and they couldn’t have said it any better.  They provide a crazy range of mixes and blends (from Hip-Hop to House to New Orleans Bounce to Baltimore Club) played and danced to, all over the country. Check out their mixcloud and also check out Emynd’s soundcloud for tons of free music.

Speaking of music…stay tuned for BigBite’s 1st official mix curated by the BigBite staff and mixed and compiled by Emynd. 

Don’t forget to rock out with Emynd & Bo Bliz  this upcoming March 1st at the Bounce!