Monthly Archives: December 2013

Bite This: Magpie

Whether you think God is red, black, white or purple, there is one thing that we can all agree on: God eats pie. Pie is divine. Put chicken in it, put any fruit in it ,and it will morph into crumbs in a flash. The people at Magpie (1622 South St.), a super cute, byob, late-ish night pie diner, on South Street clearly think as much of pie, as I do.

In a pinch of a stressful day, I departed from my usually, penny pinching self and went straight to Magpie to unwind in some sweet gooey fruity flakiness. I walked in to see my neighbors, familiar and not so familiar, laughing over bottles of whine and crumb topping. Trying to be all seasonal and everything, I got the cranberry/ mixed berry pie (it was peering out of the foil pan, staring at me…). Though I admit, my sweet tooth was satisfied almost instantaneously as the pie met tongue, I immediately felt my father’s heavy hand smacking the back of my head for paying 6.50 for that slice. ” I taught you how to make better pie than that”. It’s true, I can make comparable pie for just a few dollars more than the cost of one slice. I’ve just become too busy and uhh…lazy…

There it is, I’m gonna put it out there…In 2014 I will make more pie. What are your food related new years resolutions????


Sound Bite: Pho Raps

Even though your family’s culinary traditions take center stage around the holidays and many of us may still have leftovers in our fridges, let this fine piece of rap music remind us that…It is Pho season:)