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Rules are in!! Read up and good luck!!

Who will be the PASTA-tastic winner of BigBite’s


  1. Your INPASTABOWL entry can be as simple or complicated as you want; it can be any pasta type, shape, and flavor; as long as it’s cold…duh.
  2. Your INPASTABOWL entry size should be 3 Quarts or 96 oz. or a 11×7 tin pan (pst, there all the same size).
  3. Bring your own serving utensil. You might want to bring a throw-away spoon/fork
  4. Your INPASTABOWL entry must be entered by 2:00 pm.
  5. Your INPASTABOWL entry must be named. MISSION INPASTABOWL themes encouraged.
  6. Only one INPASTABOWL entry per team.
  7. There will only be one judging round (People’s Choice) and one winner.
  8. Judging samples will be distributed by a moderator.

People’s Choice Judging

  1. Upon entering the event, guests will be issued a ballot to be used in the voting process.
  2. They will also be given samples of the INPASTABOWL entries.
  3. Judging will begin at 4:00 pm
  4. Guests must give their ballots to the organizer.
  5. Only one prize will be awarded to the winner of the 1st Annual MISSION INPASTABOWL.

…can you handle the mission…

7th Annual Block Party Host’s Mission INPASTABOWL!

That’s right! LABOR DAY Weekend (Monday, Sept 5th) folks; bring the heat!!

The Mission: Win.

BigBite presents the 1st Annual Mission INPASTABOWL, a pasta salad cook-off at the 7th Annual Montrose Block Party. The best dang Labor Day Party in the city!To enter email us at and for more information go here.


Yup, we are back at it again! BigBite is bringing another of our patented impromtu food competitions to town.

So, you know when you go to a BBQ at some random’s house and you wander around for a bit after relizing you don’t know ANYONE there?  You quickly decide your best move is to book to the food table to check-out the food selections and shyly say hi to a few random folks.  You then find yourself lingering by the food WAY too long because you just discovered the best dang pasta salad you’ve ever had in your lifetime!! You want to be polite and socialize with the randoms, but you can’t: your mouth and eyes are glued to that pasta salad!  You decide you can start your meet and greet once you’ve secretly finished that ish off. Yea? Sound familiar?

Well, the time has come to find those top secret cooks…and get them to display their cold pasta masterpieces.


Monday, September, 5 2011, 2 p.m. at the 7th Annual Montrose Block Party 1622 Montrose St. , Philadelphia, PA

What, what?? We are thrilled to bring some competition to this staple block party in South Philly with the best and most beautiful folks in the city.

So what kind of pasta salad can you enter? Macaroni, orzo, penne, OH MY! Nothing hot.  We don’t want your granma’s lasagna. Just a good ol’ fashion cold, summatime banger!

Your mission–if you choose to accept it–is to prepare a cold pasta dish with an appropriately descriptive name for us to chow down on.  However, this time around, isntead of having several winners, there will only be ONE winner: the people’s choice winner IS the winner and will be taking home the coveted trophy!

Join or ENTER our latest competition!! Are you the one who makes that “bomb” pasta salad? Email us at and let us know. Or, hit us up on Facebook.