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It’s Baaaaack!! 2012 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

What’s poppin in 2012, you ask. We’ll tell you:

BigBite’s 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!! That’s right, get hype!

We are bringing the Philly Chili Bowl back this year…and bringing it hard!

Slap this on your calendar: Saturday, March 3, 2012…it’s going down.
Where? Fleisher Art Memorial: 719 Catherine Street. Don’t worry, there will be free parking!
Time: 4:00 pm for contestants, 5:30 pm for spectators.
Details: Things are different this year. We are capping our entrees at 20 competitors, so grab your seat for Philly’s finest Chili Bowl! Free drinks and food will be included for attendees. Competitors will get to showcase thier culinary skills in front of several Philly notable restaurants chefs, critics and beyond!
Cost: $10 to enter the competition, $5 to eat it all up.
Prizes: winner will be granted bragging rights for the year, 2 seats at any upcoming class at Audrey Claire’s COOK and as always a BigBite legendary trophy.
Judges: A panel of friggin awesome judges will decide the three winners.  So far, we’ll share who’s headed to judge-town: Resident judges; CityPaper’s MealTicket editor and blogger, Drew Lazor; and Joe Bernstein, owner of People’s Republic Food Cart!
Cool Addition: BigBite will be donating excess food from the event and a portion of the proceeds to Project H.O.M.E, a nonprofit organization that provides housing and services to chronically homeless men and women in Philadelphia.
Enter: Ready to bowl? Email to officially enter. Once an email is received we’ll get you set up with your registration. Registration closes Feb., 29th so getcha-getcha-getcha-getcha-getcha food on!

Ready to Bowl?

Gummy Bears – The Life of the party

So I just bumped into this on the internet. It’s a must see, must do if you are gummy bear fanatic, like almost everyone I know.Just when you thought gummy bears couldn’t get any cooler…they hit the age of 21….and became Drunken Gummy Bears.

 Yup, Re-up your gummy stash this weekend and throw them in a pool of liquor to get this awesome little treat that we stole from a pretty little tumblr site called Life is Butter Dream.

Here’s the sweet deal.

Drunken Gummy Bears

What you need to make them:

  • Alcohol of your choice
  • Bowl (with a lid is optional)
  • Fridge
  • Gummy Bears

How to make them:

Put your gummy bears (or other gummy candy) in a bowl of your choice. Pour the liquor you are using into the bowl and cover about a 3/4 inch over the top of the gummy bears. You can put a lid on them or leave them uncovered if you would like. These MUST be left in the fridge, if not they will fall apart and turn into a huge glob of goo. The minimum to soak these is about 5 days, but the longer the better for them! Make sure to stir them 1-2 times daily to get them evened out.

Fun facts:

  • You can use ANY kind of alcohol to make these.
  • Use flavored alcohol to make them even yummier!
  • 7-10 equal a shot of the liquor you are using.
  • Yes, they will get you drunk – they are soaked in alcohol! 😉
  • They will stay good in the fridge for a very long time!
  • Serve them with a toothpick for cleaner eating.
  • We may have to serve some at our next event

What they look like when they are done:

You best believe I’m trying this at home tonight.


A Chili Ride on the Magic Carpet

With the 3rd Annual Philly Bowl planning on the horizon, I had a craving for some CHILL LEE! I made my way up to one of the best vegetarian and vegan food carts in University City…good ol’ Magic Carpet.

If you know about Magic Carpet, then you know what you’re talking about. They do vegetarian chili right. In fact, they do everything right.

I hit up one of their two locations and got my grub on. Usually I go for the Bella Donna (tofu meatballs in sauce), but I couldn’t resist getting their veggie chili; a hearty and pseudo-spicy delight, that carries a nice hint of cinnamon and is partnered with pita bread! This chili definitely can stand tall and proud in our Philly Chili Bowl.Best way to order: First, rice with veggies, then cheese, add the chili, then some more cheese. Then drop some hot sauce on that jawn. Bing, bang, boom…you’re done! Maybe dig in your pocket for some change and get yourself a micro-brewed soda to add to the festivity in your mouth.Note, sometimes you have to wait a while before receiving lifes’ treasures. Be warned. You will wait. Behind students, hospital staff, office persons, construction dudes, and maybe a West Philly crazy, but it makes the wait more worth wild. And the people who run the cart are just too nice not to support. So just wait your turn for this treasure on wheels.