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Longarm Services by Joyce Sponsors Philly Chili Bowl 4

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BigBite would like to thank and welcome back Longarm Services by Joyce as Philly Chili Bowl 4’s sponsor. Longarm has our back because they know, a hot bowl of chili with your toes wrapped up in a warm quilt is the perfect combination- like salt on watermelon;  or cucumbers in vinegar; or Hot Cheetos & Takis. Cranking out quilts faster than a team of grannies, Joyce’s longarm machine is super fast, and also an affordable alternative to traditional quilting.  So if you’re looking to keep warm or in search of that one of a kind gift, Joyce has you covered!

 Give some special a memory quilt showcasing your special pictures.

Give someone special a memory quilt showcasing your special pictures.

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Joyce also has many quilts for sale. For more info, check out and like Longarm by Joyce’s Facebook.

Longarm Services by Joyce

(609) 80-QUILT (78458)