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Bite This!: Milkcrate Cafe’s Bagella Fitzgerald

Bagella FitzgeraldI know, I know. You look at this photo and you’re thinking “This looks like your everyday breakfast sandwich.”  Yes, it’s a pretty  typical morning delight in many ways, however, it’s inexplainable why the breakfast sammies that Milkcrate Cafe pumps out hits the spot every single dang time!

Located on the eeeast siiiide of Girard, Milkcrate Cafe is not only one of the dopest coffee shops in Fishtown, but also(according to my fiance) a pretty awesome record store with a great selection of classic gems.  The idea of bringing these two under the same roof is a perfect marriage and makes for a great place for vinyl nerds and coffee aficionados alike.  With breakfast items named after our favorite musicians and their albums (like Grillmatic, Ike & Tina Tuna, Notorious E.G.G. and many more), Milkcrate is easily one of the best stand alone coffee shops, music stores, and hangout spots in this city.

Hats off to Milkcrate for not only offering morning classics to cure our hangovers, but also for stepping up the game with its fixins. My fav is this beauty photed above: the Bagella Fitzgerald. A bagel with cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, avocado, sea salt and cracked pepper.   I of course also add some bacon because that’s how I roll.  Aaaand…. Boom!   Delicious!

So go ahead and walk in one day.  Get a perfectly made La Colombe coffee (iced or hot) to compliment your breakfast, search through the vinyl selection and enjoy the random people (neighbors, skaters, hipsters, Dj’s, artist and beyond) who walk in.  They also make dang good espressos, cappucinos, and cafe au laits if that’s your thing as well.

As a quick aside, I will never entertain the idea of living in New York. I visit often and that is enough for me. That being said, one thing that gets me every single time (especially in the overly-gentrified neighborhoods of Brooklyn) are the masses of bagel shops. Milkcrate reminds me of these shops, except it is way more laid back, unpretentious, and of course cheaper!

So one last time, if you haven’t made it to Milkcrate yet, take the plunge and support one of Philly’s unique coffee shops.

Milkcrate Cafe
400 E. Girard
Phila., PA 19125