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The Tiberino Museum, home of Wing King 4!!!!

At BigBite events, it’s not only about what you are eating as much as who you are eating it with, where you are, and all the magic that happens when all of these elements are in place. We make it a point to hold our events in places that carry that particular brand of good energy that helps take you on a culinary adventure that your stomach will remember! That said, We are excited to announce that The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum will be the gracious host of the 4th Annual Wing King Competition.

For those of you that don’t know, the late Ellen Powell Tiberino (1937-1992), namesake of the museum, was Philadelphia’s most prominent and prolific black female painter.

Dancer by Ellen Powell Tiberino

Today the Tiberino Museum, consisting of 9 houses and an adjoining courtyard at 3819 Hamilton St., continues to be a meeting place for musicians, visual artists, poets, chefs, acrobats and everyone in between. For more info on the museum click here.

We are thrilled to host the 4th Annual Wing King at the Tiberino Museum and are looking forward to bringing together food, competition and art, all in one place!

Who’s ready??


4th Annual WING KING

And we are at it again! Can you believe it!?!? We are at our 4th Annual WING KING!!!

Here are the details. Get hype cluckers!

Date: Saturday, May 26, 2012
Place: The Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum: 3819 Hamilton St. Philadelphia, Pa 19104. (Map)
Time: 3:30 pm for contestants, 5:30 pm doors open.

Cost to Compete: $15. We are capping at 25 competitors, so don’t sleep on this one!!

Cost to Enter: $10 donation to attend the event; eat, drink and judge the People’s Choice round.

Details: It’s BigBite’s 4th annual chicken wing competition known as Wing King. 25 avid, local cooks will compete to be named the 4th Annual Wing King. Free beer is provided by the leading sponsor Narragansett Beer and food will be included for all who attend. Competitors will get to showcase their culinary skills in front of several Philly notable restaurants chefs, critics and beyond! Winners will be announced between 6:30 and 7 pm.

Prizes: The winner will be granted bragging rights for the year and the legendary BigBite trophy.

Hosted by: Philly’s famed underground rap artist, Reef the lost Cause.

Judges: A panel of friggin awesome judges will decide the three winners.  Here’s the current line-up!
BigBite Resident Judge: Joe Bernstein
City Paper’s Mealticket
Food Blog Editor:Drew Lazor
Fried Wontons For You
Blogger Extrodinaire and BigBite newbie: Shao Zhong
South Philly Tap Room and American Sardine Bar, Chef, Scott Schroeder 

Music: Provided by DJ 2-Tone Jones
Entry Requirement
: 1. A Completed entry form and $15 payment must be received before being counted as one of the 25.
2. Each individual/team will cook 50 disjointed wings (25 full wings)
3. All wings must be made from scratch, before the event.
4. Only one entry per team is allowed.
5. More details for contestants and rules will be shared once one has entered.

Enter: To enter the competition “cluck” here! Get your wang on!!

Tickets: Get your pre-sale wingtastic tickets here!

Whadda Wing: Buffalo Wing Cupcake

As we lead up to the 4th Annual Wing King this May, we needed to just share this amazing concoction. Thanks to a tip from Thrillist, we came about this beauty.

Cups ‘N Cakes, a new cupcake joint in Collegeville just blew our minds with this genius idea: A buffalo wing cupcake;  hot sauce, sour cream, bleu cheese cupcake with a bleu cheese buttercream frosting. What?!? And, amazingly topped with a whole hot wing and celery stick (faint).

Definitely acceptable to compete at any Wing King. (faint again).

Check them out.


Food Art: From Shelf to Wall

Love the books you have and want to figure out another way of showing them off? New York artist, Jane Mount can solve that problem. She paints the spine of your favorite books on your bookshelf, or the books you wish you had on your bookshelf. Mount turns the graphic design on books into art, like this beautiful cookbook line-up (jelly) below.

These prints are a great gift for your bookworm friends and just an awesome way to remember books that are important and inspire you. For other designs and prints check out her online store here.



An “E.G.G.” in the Rough

Formally known as Fathom, my favorite place to get oysters in Fishtown has turned over to new ownership and have not only reinvented their menu, but they’ve also adopted a new name. The East Girard Gastropub (also known as “E.G.G.”) is still run by Fathom’s cooks and while it is no longer exclusively fish-focused, the addition of several meat dishes has only expanded my love for the place.  Don’t get me wrong, the fish selection here is still great, but adding meat to the menu was definitely a good look.  Not only is the food still delicious, but it is a “gastropub” after all, so they take their beer quite seriously as well.

So, what should you get?  I am both fascinated by and addicted to oysters so the first thing I would recommend getting are the constantly changing and amazingly fresh oyster selections. They really hit it on the head everyime with the east and west coast choices.  Squirt a little lemon on these bad boys and enjoy.  Do it.

Next step: try the wings. You know we here at BigBite headquarters are quite critical about wings since we are after all the WING KINGS, but I definitely co-sign the Honey and Hot Wings from the E.G.G. They are large, plump and juicy. The sauce is perfect and is served with a side of cheesy bleu cheese.

Besides delicious, fresh oysters, another way to get straight to my heart is with some tasty tacos. Luckily, the E.G.G. knows how to make a good taco too. Their Tacos Carnitas (braised pork) with pickled cabbage and salsa roja are wonderful!

So, these are just a few of the many great eats at the East Girard Gasrtopub.  Next time you find yourself in Fishtown, I highly recommend stopping into this underrated eatery. Grab a beer, and go to town on theese tasty treats.  And keep in mind that if your pockets are tight, they do have great food and drink specials during happy hour (Monday to Friday 4-7), including specials on oysta’s!



Food Art: Italy Maps by Antoine Corbineau

French illustrator, graphic designer, and art director Antoine Corbineau is the talented artist that created these two beautiful maps of Italy illustrating the famous foods and wines of each particular region in vibrant color and with quite a bit of stylistic flair. If you’re looking for a creative present for your significant other that will help you remember your recent trip to Italy, you could do a whole lot worse than these posters available for purchase in Antoine’s online store.

You can see further detailed close-ups of the food map (titled “Proditti Tradizionali Italiani”) here and the wine map titled (“Incomparabili Vini Italiani”) here.