Emilio Mignucci – 2012 Philly Chili Bowl JUDGE

Emilio Mignucci
Third Generation Owner, Di Bruno Bros. Family Business

Emilio Mignucci graduated from the Restaurant School in 1986. Worked his way up to asstistant sous chef by the age of 19 at DiLullo’s Centro, Philadelphia’s premier Italian restaurant destination. By the age of 22 he was ready to help take his long time family business to the next level. He, with his partners, William and Bill, capitalized on the next wave of gourmet while at the same time expanding on the foundation of cheese lovers nurtured and developed by their uncles’ passions.

He helped grow the product selection from about 50 cheeses to well over 600 at any given time. Their regular offerings of olive oils and simple vinegars were expanded to reflect the travel conscience gourmand’s demand for great flavors. Truffle oils and pastes along with aged balsamics and great estate olive oils as well as a grand selection of patés and smoked fish were introduced.

Emilio spends a good portion of his time educating the restaurants who want to teach their staff the merits of a great cheese plate and how to talk about cheese with confidence to their guests. Emilio’s culinary background has helped him to be part of the N.A.S.F.T. tasting board for The Fancy Food Show in N.Y. and is also on the Retailer Network Council for N.A.S.F.T. Emilio is also very active in the American Cheese Society helping to create a cheese certification program, which should be ready in 2010. Di Bruno Bros was N.A.S.F.T.’s 2006 Retailer of the Year. He received an award in 2003 from the Chaine des Rotisseurs and was also honored in 2007 by the James Beard Foundation for his cheese knowledge.

In addition to all of his accomplishments, Emilio is also the nicest guy in South Philly!

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