Monthly Archives: February 2015

No Meat, but Lots of Hart!

BigBite Philly can sometimes be purists about how we define chili. According to Webster’s:

“Chili is a spicy dish made of ground beef, hot peppers or chili powder, and usually beans.”

For the most part, our competitors stand by this definition, but they also rock out with a long list of other ingredients and other fun variables. Mixed into the competition are a few awesome vegetarian chilis and for veggie chefs, the last thing we want to do is exclude any yumminess. We all understand that there are plenty of health benefits to moderating our meat intake (although that’s not a strength of ours).

Of our many past vegetarian entrants, one in particular has been sooo tasty that even some of the most seasoned carnivores were fooled by her meticulously simulated “meatiness”. Back by popular demand, Saidah Hart aka the Veggie Virtuoso aka the Spawn of Seitan will compete in her 4th BigBite Philly Chili Bowl – exhibiting yet another meatless masterpiece!! Come be mystified, give her a run for her money with your own batch of chili, learn her secrets and taste the magic that might make you meat-eaters reconsider!!