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2013 Chili Check-In: Cat Downs & Erik Humes

407b6a7a647c11e19896123138142014_6Team Name: Cat Downs & Erik Humes
Chili Name: 2 Chicks 1 Chili
Neighborhood: EPX
Attempts:  This is our second year. Last year was our first attempt, and we scored 2nd place. Not too shabby (actually pretty awesome)!
Chili Profile: Despite the name, we are not 2 chicks making the chili (or doing anything else to it for that matter), but rather we put two whole roasted chickens INSIDE THE CHILI. Along with about 30 other ingredients. I dare you to guess them all!
About Cat & Erik: Erik and I are a married team, who like to work in the kitchen together. And by work in the kitchen, I mean I do most of it, and he taste-tests. He’s a really good taste-tester though. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the key reasons we do well at all. We’re both from the general area (New Jersey and the Philly burbs), and we started getting into cook-offs because I was bored and interested in cooking, and he likes to compete. This will be our 8th cook-off in total, and we’re still just as excited and clueless about what we’re doing. That’s what makes it fun!
Who makes the best Chili in the City?: I agree that the best chilis are at this cook-off. Otherwise, Philly isn’t much of a chili town, which is a real shame.
Best Chili you ever made: We try to improve our chili with new ingredients and ideas every time we make one, so I’m going to say this one will be the best. Until the next one.
Best Quote: “You don’t win friends with salad!”
Prediction: I predict we will have an awesome time, as we do at any BigBite event. I also predict we will either win, or lose.
Website/  (which I rarely update, yay!)

BigBite The Hunger Mixtape Volume 1 – Songs About Food

BigBite The Hunger Mixtape Vol 1 – Songs About Food by Crossfadedbacon on Mixcloud

Holy smokes! It’s official – we have our 1st ever BigBite soundtrack!!

Our good friend Emynd from one of our favorite sponsors – Crossfaded Bacon was kind enough to put together this amazing hour-long seemless mix of amazing songs all about food (or loosely related to food). We are SO DANG EXCITED ABOUT THIS MIX! IT’S OUR FIRST OFFICIAL MIXTAPE! Forty songs about food? And of course, the mix features our anthem “Still Hungry” by the Paxtons featuring BigBite friend, Sleep.

The kicker is that Emynd told us he’s hype to work on Volume 2 because he has 30-40 songs ready in the vault. So be on the lookout for Volume 2 coming sometime around the next Wing King V. But in the mean time, listen to this mix while you’re killing time at work, when you’re on your next road-trip, or when cooking dinner with your boo!

You can stream the mix above or download it below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, share it with your friends, and we hope you enjoy it!

BigBite The Hunger Mixtape Volume 1 – Songs About Food (Mixed & Compiled by Emynd) FREE DOWNLOAD


01. Emynd “Big Bite Fried Chicken Intro
02. Nas ft Busta Rhymes “Fried Chicken
03. Organized Konfusion “Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?”
04. Obie Trice “Got Hungry”
05. Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Tapas”
06. D Willz “Watermelon
07. Common “Watermelon”
08. Vance Vexed “Veggies & Fruit”
09. Paul White “Cheese Special & A Draw”
10. The Delegation “Oh Honey”
11. The Beastie Boys “Peanut Butter And Jelly”
12. Wrecks-N-Effect “Peanut Butter”
13. 24 Carat Black “Foodstamps” vs Hezekiah “Cornbread” (Emynd Blend)
14. The Brothers Johnson “Strawberry Letter #23”
15. 9th Wonder ft Marsha Ambrosius “Peanut Butter & Jelly”
16. Goodie Mob “Soul Food”
17. Leroy & The Drivers “The Sad Chicken”
18. The Beatnuts “Fried Chicken”
19. Armand Van Helden “Hot Butter”
20. Calypso King & The Soul Investigators “Gator Funk Pt 1”
21. Anthony Hamilton “Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens”
22. Pink Dollaz “Never Hungry”
23. Moby “Honey”
24. The Meters “Chicken Strut”
25. Main Source ft Nas “Live at the BBQ”
26. Vicki Anderson “I Want To Be In the Land of Milk and Honey”
27. The Pharcyde “Pork”
28. Star Slinger “Hot Potato”
29. Suzanne Vega “Tom’s Diner”
30. Fred Wesley & The JB’s “Pass The Peas”
31. Freestyle Fellowship “Hot Potato (Blow-Up Remix)”
32. Willie Bobo “Fried Neck Bones & Some Home Fries”
33. Ludcaris “Southern Fried Intro”
34. Killer Mike “Southern Fried”
35. Gucci Mane “Lemonade”
36. Wendy Rene “Bar B-Q”
37. Clipse ft Cam’ron “Popular Demand”
38. Tweet “Sports, Sex & Food”
39. Galt MacDermot “Coffee Cold”
40. The Paxtons ft Sleep “Still Hungry”

Fashion Forward Designer Boutique to Sponsor Philly Chili Bowl 4


We are excited to announce that Fashion Forward has joined in helping to sponsor the 4th Annual Philly Chilly Bowl. BigBite events attract a lot of stylish folks so it is no wonder Fashion Forward and BigBite had such a wonderful relationship! If you are still new to Fashion Forward, get with the program and read below!!

In the heart of Philly’s Chestnut Hill area , consignment boutique Fashion Forward is a one-stop shop for designer hand bags and upscale brand name women’s clothing  for those of us that may not have a “designer budget”.   Whether you’re searching for a Marc Jacobs purse, Prada bag, or some boots with the furrrrr, Chanel accessories,  you’ll be thrilled to find high-quality near new designer garments at an affordable price. Let Fashion Forward’s lovely proprietor, Ayana Hamilton style you like the stars!!!

Fashion Forward Designer Resale Boutique
7906 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19118
(215) 247-3868

DJ 2 Tone Jones Is Back, and He’s Bringing Goodies!

DJ 2tone jones

This just in! DJ 2 Tone Jones is coming back from DC to spin at the 4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl! If you were at Wing King 2012 or just about anywhere in the DC area when 2 Tone was on the turntables, you know that we are all in for a treat…but this time more than you think!

Pie King 1

Aside from his delectable musical selections, 2 Tone AKA Lester Wallace III is a Pastry Chef! That’s right, when he is not mining for rare vinyl and rocking parties up and down the east coast he is in the kitchen baking sweet potato pies. These are not just regular pies either. Phonte of rap group Little Brother, Producer 9th Wonder and J Dilla’s Mother Maureen Yancey are frequent customers that can cosign the sweet perfection of Pie King sweet potato pie and rum cake. Pies, cakes and cookies will be available for purchase at this year’s Philly Chili Bowl. Learn more and place orders here.


DJ 2-Tone Jones has spun with, and alongside, the likes of DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff,  Mista Sinista (formerly of the X-ecutioners), Tony Touch,   9th Wonder, DJ Babu,  and even Dick Gregory just to name a few. If you like food and music this will be an epic night. Come hungry and bring your sweet tooth.

2013 Chili Check-In: Michael Strauss & Pete Fry

Manayunk Newbie’s forsee an apocalypse…

Mike.PeteTeam Name: Mike and Pete’s Pork-Apocalypse
Chili Name: Voodoo Chili (A Slight Reburn)
Neighborhood: Manayunk
About Mike & Pete: Pete was born in Downingtown, PA and currently resides in Doylestown. He is a rockstar and home cook!! Mike was born in Jersey, and resides in Roxborough…He is a volunteer Chef for the Vetri Foundation For Children!
Attempts:  First Ever
Chili Profile: Pork-Apocalypse. Too many words would undermine the experience!
Best Chili in the City: Wendy’s
Best Chili you ever made: Texas Chili with a mole style sauce
Favorite Quote: “You are what you eat…”A
Prediction: We are gonna enter chili stadium like Muhammad Ali, Gloves in the air, the crowd roaring…We’re gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee…

Samantha Carrie Johnson to Host the 4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl!!


We at are excited to announce that Samantha Carrie Johnson will be this year’s master of ceremonies! Johnson is a Lifestyle Mentor, Cook, Writer, Beauty Queen and Speaker with a passion for food advocacy that runs as deep as her Philadelphia roots. Its an honor to have one of Philadelphia’s most exciting young voices as part of this year’s team. Get to know her!

Samantha Carrie Johnson owns the food and lifestyle company TERRA 2 TABLE through which she gives private and public instruction to adolescents, teens and twenty-something’s on the elements of “Real Food” culture, agriculture and culinary techniques. This vital instruction means to encourage independent, informed and healthy food decisions giving way to a lasting connection to nutrition and mental and physical wellness. She is a PA State Champion within the Future Farmers of America, and was crowned Miss Pennsylvania USA 2007 within the Miss Universe Organization. Samantha has appeared in NBC’s Reality Food Show; the Chopping Block with Michelin Chef Marco Pierre White, National Print and TV Commercial Modeling Campaigns, hosts various Food Demonstrations, as well as having multiple features as a Food & Lifestyle Coach on the hit MTV Networks show MADE.

Samantha Carrie Johnson shares her passion and commitment to a healthy, fun, glamorous, and wholesome lifestyle. She supports all initiatives relating to the education and empowerment of populations who are at risk for deprivation and disease due to an imbalance of natural resources and accessibility. She is a supporter of Anti-Hunger Initiatives, Urban Farming Programs and Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to end childhood obesity and to provide healthy foods in schools. She also has supported BigBite Philly for the last several years! (thanks!).

Say hello to the lovely 4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl hostess – Samantha Carrie Johnson!

Learn More:

On her website:

On Facebook:



4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl Judge: Angela Ranalli

Angela Ranalli
Pastry Chef, Le Virtu Restaurant


Pastry Chef, Angela Ranalli has been making Italian sweets since a very young age. As a child Angela helped her mother prepare traditional Italian cookies, cannoli, and breads, rolling each out and decorating each one by hand. Accompanied by her even younger siblings, she traveled weekly with her mother to the coast to sell their wares at local markets and festivals. The weekend sales eventually evolved into her mother, Linda, opening her own Italian restaurant and catering business in New Jersey, where the entire family worked side by side in the kitchen.

Raised in a household where three generations of Italians lived together under one roof, the old ways of Italy survived and were passed down to the youngest generation. Her family has a strong mystical background, given they came from the region of Abruzzo, where legends and superstitions abound, even to this day. These ancient beliefs have strong ties to food and farming, therefore the most auspicious time to seed or harvest plants, get married, have a baby, etc. were calculated according to phase of the moon and stars. This carried over naturally into cooking. Pane di Pasqua, (Easter Bread) was only made on Easter Sunday. It is said that it will not rise or bake the right way on another day out of the year. Polenta is always made at the first snowfall to welcome the spirit of winter, and so forth.

As an adult, Angela attended culinary school in Philadelphia, PA, and worked under French Pastry Chef Michel Gras, in Cape May, NJ specializing in wedding cakes. Later, returning to Philadelphia, she took over the pastry program for Water Works Restaurant. She also continued to further her studies in the ancient art of astrology and Italian folklore. She has traveled abroad extensively, and has lived in Italy off and on over the past 13 years. Now bridging the past, present, and future through her desserts as pastry chef at Abruzzese restaurant “Le Virtu” in Philadelphia, the sultry chef puts a modern spin on rustic dishes oftentimes incorporating ingredients known to be aphrodisiacs, but which are also indigenous to the region of Abruzzo. Check out this CHOCOLATE RAVIOLI she created and showed off on NBC’s In the Kitchen:

We cannot express how excited we are to have Pastry Chef Angela Ranalli on the judges’ panel! With a strong mystical background, we hope to hear her predictions on how the 4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl will go!

4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl Judge: Joe Bernstein

BigBite Resident Judge

Joe Berner

Mr. Bernstein – the OG judge who has participated in all of BigBite events is back again! He has literally crowned every single BigBite food competition winner and will do it again this March 9th. As the son of two judges, Mr. Bernstein, clearly has the appetite to judge – your food. His special sense of taste and unique word play at the judges table make him a crowd favorite. Keep an eye out for this guy!

Mr. Bernstein is the great-grandson of Schmulka Bernstein’s famous Kosher Deli in Brooklyn, is an avid wiffle ball player, Rubix cube solver and champion connect four player.

2013 Chili Check-In: Louis Cook & Matt Coll

Pet CemName:
Louis & Clark Matt
Chili Name: Pet Cemetery II: Meat Dynasty
Neighborhood: Fairmount and Italian Market
Attempts: 1 for 1
Chili Profile: Our chili features more dead animals than a pet cemetary. We don’t just create a sloppy meat pot, we cherish and prepare each ingredient individually and then carefully blend all the elements so your mind is blown when you put it in your mouth.
Best Chili in the City: All the Chili bowl competitors!
Best Chili you ever made: Pet Cemetery I
Favorite Quote: “The winner is Pet Cemetery” – Bigbite Philly
Prediction: It will be an incredible event. A dynasty will be born. We’ll sell our recipe to the highest bidder and never come back.
Website/Blog: &

4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl Judge: Drew Lazor

BigBite Philly’s Resident Judge
Freelance writer for the Philly Daily News

Drew2013Mr. Lazor has been on the Philly Chili Bowl wagon since it’s inception in 2010. He has survived over 50 types of chilis throughout the Philly Chili Bowl reign – therefore Mr. Lazor knows exactly what he wants in a “good” chili. This awesomely-talented food writer has been hip to the Philly food scene for years and has been pivotal in spreading information about relevant eateries across town. You should listen to what he says.

Mr. Lazor is currently a freelance writer for the Philly Daily News and an extreme Baltimore Ravens fan.