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Graffiti Writers Need to Eat Too.

Street Art and graffiti have always been a fascination for the BigBite community. Sure, there is a lot of hoooorrible stuff out there but sometimes the bright colors, stylish letters and clever social commentary can really enliven a dead space. Anyway, as graffiti writers are humans too, they sometimes find inspiration in food…and sometimes restaurants find inspiration in graffiti writers. From the minds of the some of biggest names in contemporary graffiti, to local food haunts like Alla Spina Check out some examples below!

Philadelphia Street Art superstar (and extremely nice guy) Nose Go pops up at Rittenhouse’s Yellow Juice Bar. Who wouldn’t want some fresh squeezed juice from that cute little happy orange!


Learn more about his current adventures…and buy his work before it gets too expensive.

Clearly the MSK crew (including Steel, Augor, Ewok and Rime) one of the worlds most influential graffiti groupings of all time, has a thing for Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. On this wall the there is a epic war going on between the two as they get a little help from Persue. Click image for larger picture.


Pose MSK paints a pretty delicious hot dog on a freight train. Rusted metal was never so juicy!


Check out Distort Painting at Philadelphia’s own Alla Spina.

Sampan’s graffiti bar, was also touched By Distort, with the help of other local graffiti artists Curve, Gage and Rune.


Action Bronson: From His Mouth to Your Stomach


Whether you think he is a Ghostface biter, or  a rap connoisseur with good influences and a style of his own, Action Bronson is definitely good eater. Bronson, known for the vivid, often food-based imagery that he conjures in his lyrics, started rapping after a career as a well-respected gourmet chef in New York. Bronson’s food references are so clear and colorful that you can’t help but wonder how some of the culinary combinations that he references taste and what they look like. Bloggers “Pigeons and Planes” took this curiosity an incredible step further by using their “test kitchen” to prepare some of the rapper’s extravagant dishes. As people who are interested in both hip-hop and food, in healthy doses, we felt obligated to reblog such an incredible post. They literally take Bronson’s bars like

“Bone marrow roasted/Spread it on the rosemary bread lightly toasted/Drizzle with the vinaigrette”

and turn it into:


See the entire piece on Pigeons and Planes.

Also see Bronson in Action(see what I did there), in the kitchen for Vice Below.

Corner Store Classics: Chifles Plantain Chips

Whether you call it the bodega, Papi store, 7-11, Wawa, Cumberland Farms, Turkey Hill, etc.,  BigBite is featuring those corner store snacks we grew up on and the ones we are growing up on now. 

Hey shawty, it must be your birthday, because you can't buy many things for 50¢ these days.

Hey shawty, it must be your birthday, because you can’t buy many things for 50¢ these days.

I find it amazing that I’ve been eating Chifles plantain chips for over 30 years!  Aside from their gluten free tagline, Chifles packaging hasn’t changed much since the early 80’s ( like my baby face.)  Pronounced chief-les, this family business has been around for almost 50 years.  Potassium rich, containing vitamins A and C, these chips are a natural and healthier alternative to chemically enhanced potato chips and snacks. Chifles flavors include: salted, unsalted, garlic, spicy Caribbean, maduro (sweet,) or Mojo Mama seasonings. 

The plantain is a member of the banana family, having a similar appearance, but is much larger, and can only be eaten when cooked.  Chifles are a popular snack in Cuba, Peru and Ecuador, where street vendors offer bags of them to the passing cars. They are savory, more like potato chips than banana chips. Plantains become softer and sweeter as they ripen, and are best made while the fruit is still yellow and firm. The skin is removed, the plantain is sliced length-wise into strips, sticks or round, and fried in vegetable oil.   The end result is a crisp, salty snack that I bet will go great in some chili or guac, and make you forget all about Her(r’s.) 

For those that cannot find Chifles plantain chips in their corner store, BigBite has you covered with a recipe.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

2 green-yellow plantains
Vegetable oil for frying
Salt to taste


1.  Cut off both ends of the plantains, and remove peel/skin. You may need to slice the peel open lengthwise with a knife. Work carefully because plantains can stain skin and clothes.
2.  Slice plantains crosswise into very thin slices. about 1-2 mm. It’s fun to use a mandoline for this, but a sharp knife works great too.
3.  Heat 1-2 inches of oil in a saucepan on medium-high heat.
4.  When the oil is hot (about 360 degrees), fry several slices of plantain at a time until golden, 2-3 minutes.
5.  Remove and drain on paper towels. Season with salt to taste.
6.  Enjoy!

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

With bonfire season in full effect, we decided to get a little creative as temperatures continue to drop. When one is in charge of bringing s’mores to a bonfire party – one must play it proper. When BigBite is in charge of things like this – we go big.

And big we did. We brought a s’mores buffet to the party so that guest could create their very own s’mores sensations.

S'more Buffet

S’more Buffet

On the menu:
-Traditional marshmallows
Jumbo marshmallows – they are massive
-Traditional honey gram crackers
-Chocolate gram crackers
-Traditional milk chocolate bars
-Dark chocolate bars
-Hersey’s cookie’s and cream bars
-Chocolate syrup
-Coconut chips
-Waffle cones

BAM! Options galore.

Our most favorite and prized concoction was our very own creation:

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone. Not this wimpy artificial goop that most of us grew up on, but a legit jumbo marshmallow roasted to perfection, stuffed with a sliver of milk chocolate, then affixed to a waffle cone  – which is slightly roasted again. Before adding the marshmallow to the cone, add Nutella, strawberries and Cookie’s and Cream chocolate bars into the cone. Stuff the jumbo marshmallow into the cone – and then top it off with more strawberries and Nutella, coconut chips, and bananas. NOTE: For an even better sugar high, also add chocolate syrup at the bottom of the cone, before adding the marshmallow and other fixings.

BOOM! Bonfire explosion in your mouth! It’s like a Summer and Fall mashup on a cone!

Be the talk of your next bonfire gathering – and bring The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone as your gift offering. They won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy and stay warm.


BigBite The Hunger Mixtape Volume 2 – Songs About Chicken

BigBite The Hunger Mixtape Vol 2 – Songs About Chicken by Crossfadedbacon on Mixcloud

Aaaand we’re back again for Volume 2, this time it’s all songs about CHICKEN!

Our good friend Emynd from one of our favorite sponsors – Crossfaded Bacon was kind enough to put together another amazing hour-long seamless mix of songs all about chicken (or loosely related to chicken). There’s nearly every genre of music you can think of in this mix, from soul/funk to straight up hip-hop to salsa! If you missed Emynd’s first mix for BigBite “Songs About Food” grab it here but otherwise, stream the mix above and download it below. Blast this mix the next time you’re in your kitchen frying up some tasty chicken.

Don’t be afraid to let us know your thoughts, and definitely share it with your friends! Enjoy!!

BigBite The Hunger Mixtape Volume 2
Songs About Chicken (Mixed & Compiled by Emynd) (FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)


01. Ronnie & Clyde – Chicken Dinner (Emynd Intro Edit)
02. Cee-Lo Green – El Dorado Sunrise (Super Chicken)
03. Gucci Mane – Chicken Talk
04. Joe Tex – Chicken Crazy
05. Nine – 4 Chicken Wings And Rice
06. Stereo MCs – Chicken Shake
07. Action Bronson ft Maffew Ragazino – Jerk Chicken
08. Black Heat – Chicken Heads
09. Sauce Money ft Wais P – Chiken & Watermelon
10. Bobby Allen & the Exceptions – Soul Chicken
11. Bobby Rush – Chicken Heads
12. Louis Jordan – Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens (DJ Premier Remix)
13. Ice-T – Fried Chicken
14. Maceo Parker – Chicken
15. James Brown – Chicken
16. Goodie Mob – Soul Food
17. Grits – Chickin Pi
18. The Jackson 5 – How Funky Is Your Chicken?
19. People Under The Stairs – Chicken Kebap
20. Fania All Stars – Guajira Para Los Pollos
21. Organized Konfusion – Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?
22. Miami – Chicken Yellow (Let Me Do It To You)
23. Rufus Thomas – Funky Chicken
24. RJD2 – Chicken-Bone Circuit
25. Fabulous Emotions – Funky Chicken
26. The Paxtons ft Sleep – I’m Still Hungry

Wing King 5!!

#cincodegallo #wk5


Hey y’all!! (in Paula Deen voice)  BigBite Philly is back in the kitchen whipping up the often imitated, but never duplicated, Wing King 5! Also known as Cinco de Gallo, this year’s event, will solidify our spot as Philadelphia’s premier cooking competition.  BigBite is bringing the BBQ to Fleisher Art Memorial’s yard and are donating a portion of our proceeds to their children and youth programs, because after all, they are the future (RIP Whitney.)  If you’re interested in donating click here.

I know you’re wondering WTF took #WK5 so long?  We just needed the maximum amount of time to tweak the recipe that you folks been gobbling up for the past 4 years.


        A few cans of FREE beer! (provided by Narragansett)

         2 steps of music (Provided by Bee Eater Records, DJ Ultraviolet)

        90 minutes of a mixtape (produced by Emynd of Crossfaded Bacon)

         1 trophy

        900 lbs. of judges (including Emilio Mignucci – Owner of DiBruno Bros, Doug Allen – Lacroix, Chad Williams – Former Chef of Amada & Chifa and Iron Chef, Food writer/ resident judge- Drew Lazor, and Josh Schonewolf, Philadelphia personality and food blogger of the popular Josh Can’t Cook, blog.

         1/4 cup of competitive spirit

        A dash of salt and shit talk (to taste)

         1 gigantic  twerking chicken


1. Mix well

2. Preheat sun to 90+ degrees

3. Purchase $10 PRE-SALE tickets while they last! Pre-sale ends Friday, August 16th.

4. Turn up!

You know how our events get, snag tickets and get there early.

Want to compete? go here.



The Video is Here!!


You guys look lovely!  Thanks again to everyone that helped make Philly Chili Bowl 4 a blast.  Shout out to Irvin J. Productions for the beautiful bean footage!

Peep Irvin’s YouTube Channel

2013 Chili Check-In: Alex “Playful Gorilla” Rivera

PlayfulGorillaCheckInPicName: Alex “Playful Gorilla” Rivera
Chili Name: Pig Daddy Cane
Neighborhood: NE Philly
Attempts: Third Times a charm (2nd Place Winner 2011)
Chili Profile: Ooo weeee! Back in the culinary lab for round three, this monster of a chili brings the swine heat!! Caribbean marinated slow cooked pork shoulder combined with sugar cane sweeten blacken ground pork and topped with apple wood smoked bacon come together in a six caliber chili monster that will have you tastes buds screaming for more. This FrankenPig monster, code named “Pig Daddy Cane”,  is alive and is now on the loose! Reports have seen him last near NoLibs… He will attack your taste buds with ferocity and will not hesitate to kill your hunger. Be ready to tame the beast; Sugar Cane beat sticks will be provided!
Best Chili you ever made: My Award Winning “Albino Rhino” #humblebrag
Best Movie Quote: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.” — Conan the Barbarian
 Prediction: How many times I gotta tell y’all I’m second to none. No Big Bite’s top ten cause I’m negative one.

2013 Chili Check-In: Zearley Cookers

AshleyETeam Name: Zearley Cookers
Chili Name: Cute Dragon Breath
Neighborhood: Washington Square West
Attempts: Our first!
Chili Profile: Spicy without burning your mouth, hearty without filling you up, delicious without question
Who makes the best Chili in the City? Rachel’s Nosheri Why? Their sauce. Whatever is in it is crack.
Best Chili you ever made: Any spicy chili with peppers that’s been cooking for hours in the crock pot.
Quote: “If you are looking for a fly in your food it means that you are full”.
Prediction: We realize this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to Top Chef & Tom Colicio (who one of us has a serious crush on) but you gotta start somewhere. We recently won an impromptu limbo contest, so we’re feeling fairly confident we’ll have the same success with our chili.
Website/Blog: (superb local home remodeling company and our friends!)

3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl Video Recap

Were you one of the many folks who were left outside in the cold because we sold out in 30 minutes? If so, here’s an extended video recap of the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

What you will see in this video:
-A closer look at the competitor’s and their ingredients.
-What judges like Kevin Sbraga (Sbraga Restaurant) and Emilio Mignucci (Di Bruno Bros Owner) had to say about what they look for in a good chili, what they liked and what was missing.
-A look at the winners ceremony.
-And meet the BigBite crew.

If you are competing this year…get ready to turn up the heat! This year is going to be off the chili chain! See how it feels to take the win from the eyes of the tag-team winners and their Pet Cemetery Chili. Check out their video here.

*Video Credit to Thinking Thirsty.