Champion’s Showcase: Alex, Wing King III

Alex R, (from our Wing Ring Series) not only placed in 2nd during the 2nd Annual Philly Chili Bowl, but also kept that same seat for the 3rd Annual Wing King Competition, with his latin wings know as KARIBBEAN KRAKEN.

Here’s his self proclaimed 2nd place portrait!Here’s what he had to say for his highlight in the Champion’s Showcase:
BACK to BACK second place wins!! I wasn’t lying when I told you I AM NOT PLAYIN! I may talk big game, but dammit I bring the pain! First I want to thank my wife Kim for being my support in this new tasty adventure BigBite has allowed us to take.

If you haven’t heard by now, my latest creation out of this culinary master’s lab has once again proven to be a monstrosity of a hit. The Albino Rhino Chili was proof that I could run with the big dogs, but the Karibbean Kraken Chicken Wings solidified this mad scientist as a contender to that First Place Trophy! Big ups to ladies from “Bollyhood” for the win. After hearing that he was again, named the 2nd place winner of his 2nd BigBite event

My recipe: For those who wanted to know how it went down – I’ll let you in on a few secrets. The Karibbean Kraken starts with wings marinated overnight in garlic, onion and citrus.

Its topped with a tomato based sauce made with the finest Puerto Rican Sugar Cane Rum, a touch of brown sugar, a taste of Guava, a splash of Pineapple Juice, a bit of coconut milk and a drop of smoke. You then hit it with some spices like Adobo, sazón, dry mustard and garlic (just to mention a few), simmered to perfection with Poblano and Serrano peppers; finished with a kick from some Cajun style three pepper hot sauce.

Finally all baked to perfection and garnished with pineapple chunks. Simply a beast!

Next: Be afraid because the next monster I’ll unleash will leave you wanting more. I promise you will love it and be terrified at the same time. I don’t do this for bragging rights, no no silly, I do this for you. For those who enjoy the sensation of the unknown as a tasty treat; to the risk takers and the thrill seekers wanting to part from the norm; to those who take the rhino by the horn and say: “I will eat you and I will LOVE IT!!!”

Once Again I thank you for giving me the opportunity to unleash yet another crazy concoction and letting me be a part of such a great event.

-Alex R.

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