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IT’S BACK!! The Wing Ring is back!!

As the big day gets closer,  the competition seems to be working harder than ever! BigBite is seeing the wing-citment behind some of our contestants who are hungry for that Wing King IV trophy… and we are eating it all up!

With that said, we are highlighting contestants who are ready to battle it out, boxing glove on one hand, wing sauce on the other.

Let the WING RING begin.    DING DING!

Cat and Erik of “Cat Attacks” (that’s our team name, not our band name…although it would be a pretty great band name) are new to the Wing King, and wanging out in general.

We’ve been participating quite a bit lately in cook-offs (2nd place Chili Bowl, what?!) and doing surprisingly well. Since we like a challenge, we decided to enter the Wing King IV despite having never made wings at home before. Lucky for us, we’re reigning champs of our friend’s annual Jerk-Off Competition (get your mind out of the gutter, it’s a jerk sauce grill-off!), so we come half prepared with an awesome sauce that may or may not punch you in face, literally. While we don’t actually expect to place, we do expect to have a good time. With Cat’s wacky ideas and obsessive personality, and Erik’s taste-testing and vetoing skills, this should be a pretty interesting battle for us!

Now please enjoy this picture of us as chicken wings…

Wing Ring!( Last but certainly not least): Morgan

A little about my competitive style:
I was born with a natural ability to do almost anything better than anyone else. It’s a blessing and a curse. But it means amazing Wings.
I will apply my vast wealth of scientific knowledge along with the experience i gained competing in the second annual chili bowl to make sure i take home that golden chicken this year.

WING RING SERIES: Charlie…Last Round!

As we close the tales of the Wing Kinger to be (who’s hype?!!)…BigBite would like to share one final story:

On May 28th 2009, a bright eyed young man named Charles Harrison embarked on a path that that would change his life forever… the path to Wing King Greatness!!!

It was not an easy one. You see, a humble Harrison had heard of a bbq where everyone was making chicken wings. Naturally, he got very excited. Intent on making a good impression, he slow cooked a meticulously seasoned batch of FOTB (fall off the bone) curry chicken wings.

At the inaugural Wing King, all competition was soundly defeated by the flawless salty/sweet styling’s of Notorious Nicole “Purpliscious“. She reinvented a classic soy/brown sugar glaze, stunning 2009’s competition and pouncing on the #1 trophy.

 Though flavorful, Harrison’s off beat wings did not place. In fact his wings had become the butt of some of the other contender’s jokes: “yo dog, you softer than Charlie’s Wings”

A disheartened Harrison did not go home with his tail between his legs. At that very moment he knew he would one day win Wing King. Within weeks he began training vigorously, tossing out all flavor combinations that were not rock solid. Some weeks he would work on consistency, some weeks he would do flash frying drills. Dr. Rosenthal, of UPENN’s Chicken Sciences Department, would run weekly moisture tests on Harrison’s concoctions…he was winning.

Ultimately though, what would separate Harrison from the other wing competition at the 2nd Annual Wing King, was his Cherry Bumbaclot Wing. Now bootlegged all over the world, these wings had a sweet, caramelized fire that left even the most spice averse palette yearning for more. It was a long-time coming. It was calculated. It was yummy.Thanks to BigBite received some rare footage of the 2010 champ musing about this year’s competition.

There is no doubt much more in store for young Harrison.

See you Saturday…at the 3rd Annual Wing King!


2nd Annual Philly Chili Cook-Offs’ 2nd Place winner is back!! You know, the Albino Rhino! He’s coming strong with his game. Chasing that 1st place trophy!

I’m from the land of where people not only eat SALSA but they listen and dance to it!! That’s right folks, the Boricuas’ back at the helm bringing that culinary mastery and mayhem directly to your taste buds. The salsa, referred to as sauce, runs thick in my veins; it’s the life force that propels my inner mad-scientist in the kitchen. And when it comes to the perfect chicken wing, the secrets in the sauce!

It’s just been a few weeks since I’ve had to unleash the cooking beast. My last creation rammed thru the mouths and stomachs of the innocent, causing a sensation in flavor that can only be classified as a religious experience.  The Albino Rhino did exactly what it was meant to do – shock, wow, awe, satisfy and intrigue its tasters. Now I’m back at the lab, creating the next beast to take down the competition. Be scared, because this time a new monstrosity is lurking…and…It… Tastes… like… CHICKEN! Wings, that is.From the depths of the Caribbean Sea – this killer concoction will take on all who oppose in an epic battle to the finish. This isn’t a game! My concoctions and dishes have been known to confuse and titillate; to attack and caress; to befuddle and satisfy; to divide then procreate! And who am I to lay such claims?! I AM CHICKEN. I eat, breathe, sleep and dream about chicken. Ask me what I want for breakfast: Wings. Ask me what I want for lunch: Wings. Ask me what I want for dinner? Arroz con pollo y masitas de pollo frito; but then: WINGS. At Wing King don’t you dare come with some weak wings, because when I sound the alarms… the KARIBBEAN KRAKEN will…be… UNLEASHED!

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First time Wing King winger, Will has stepped up to the plate…and he’s serious. Hear what he has to say about his wi-wi-wings:

Like the modern wing itself, I was born in the heart of Buffalo, New York. Back home in Buffalo, kids are given wings instead of pacifiers. My parents taught me how to spell my name using wing bones at the age of 2. Ever since I was a young youth, I’ve dined on nothing but the finest wings in the world. Growing up, I ate wings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all in the same damn day. It’s a miracle I’m alive, as doctors estimate I am 30% wings. Cut me, and I bleed a potent combination of Frank’s hot sauce and butter. Decades of consuming mass quantities of wings have taught me much about the art, the science, the true craft of the wing. I have studied for years under the originators, honing my technique. In my sleep, you can hear me whisper: “WINGS DOWN… WINGS… DOWN…”

After arriving in Philadelphia last winter, I realized I was far from home. The wings here… they saddened me. So I decided to share my wisdom with the people, and when I learned of this competition, I began a strict training regimen to guarantee flawless victory. I am carrying the hopes and dreams of Buffalo on my back. My wings will be perfect. I’m ready at last to showcase my mastery of the form and make my hometown proud.

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“Always a bridesmaid but never a bride.” That’s the best phrase to describe one of Wing King founders, Dayo’s career. Placing third in both Wing King ‘09 and ’10 with strawberry habanero and ginger beer barbecue respectively, he is the cookoff’s most consistent and underrated competitors. Known for combining exotic spices on meat that FOTB, (falls off the bone) his complex layers and texture create a chemistry your palette cannot deny.

Dayo says, “I have a lot riding on this year’s wings and I’m not going to front, I have a lil chip on my shoulder. Yall need to give me my props! My consistency alone kills you turkeys and needs to be recognized as achievement.” When asked what changes he will incorporate to take home the Wing King 2011 trophy, the Susan Lucci of Wing King said, “this year I will ease up on the quantity of sauce. During the past two events there have been a few finger injuries due to spectators mistakenly biting into thier own fingers, while licking off sauce. And since I’m the only one REALLY competing, I figured my bbq sauce is the explanation for the severed digits! Big Bite has a ton of more events to produce and we cannot afford to get sued!”

*Big Bite Blog wants to remind you all to eat at your own risk.

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Gabriel is not new to the wing king game. This clucker knows his chicken. Well, this is what he had to say about it:

“There are no words to describe how much poultry has been a part of my life…but I’ll try. When I was a young boy in the mountains of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, we lived around the bend from a Gallera (cocking fighting arena). My brother and I would tell our mother we were going for candy and head over there and watch from below the bleachers as the Jibaros (Rican country-side folks) would exchange money and insults. At family parties, my aunts would simply go into the yard, scoop up a chicken, and feather it, right there…it is the traditional technique.

My personal technique, is a bit different. I raise my chickens around lotus flowers and incense. Buddha statues and such. I like to ease the chicken before I prepare it. Poultry has to be relaxed, kinda like Kobe beef. You got to make the chicken feel at home, and warm. Sometimes you need to massage them, and sometimes you have to give them some relaxing tea before you cook them. Tea and chicken go together like bacon and eggs.You need to spend some good, quality time with them. No one wants tense muscles, tense wings. You want your chicken to be tender and relaxed, even if that means you need to offer tea, and some good conversation…that’s how you will get your best wing.I know my wings will take the crown this year at Wing King. All other competitors have nothing on my pampered and tender wings!”

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