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Di Bruno Bros. Returns as Cheese Bar Sponsor

We can not express how excited we are to have Di Bruno Bros. return (for the fourth year) as a Philly Chili Bowl Cheese Bar sponsor!


It all started in 2012 when 3rd generation Di Bruno Bros. owner – Emilio Mignucci joined us on the judging panel. We fed him 25 chili’s at the 2012 Philly Chili Bowl and he handled it with grace. Not only did he agree to endure masses of flavors and heat-level’s, but he also hooked it up with a Di Bruno Bros. Cheese Bar to compliment the numerous styles of chili offered!

This year Di Bruno Bros. returns with a very exciting Cheese Bar to pair with the wacky chili’s of 2015.  Be warned, it’s going to be an awesome bar, all thanks to the king of cheese!