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Wing King 5 – Judges Scores

FINALLY IN: Full judge’s results of Wing King 5! Check out your favorite wings and how they rated!  Now we wait a year, for it all to happen again. (sad face).

Judges were kept anonymous in this rating system. J1 = Judge 1. If you missed who judged Wing King 5, check them out here.

2013 #Wk5 Judges (Missing Josh Schonewolf!)

2013 #Wk5 Judges (Missing Josh Schonewolf!)

Don’t forget to check out Wing King 5 photos here!  Happy Cluckin’ ya’ll!

WING #1 – Garlicky Lick-Yo-Fingas Wings
J1: 38 – super spicy
J2: 33
J3: 36 – A little heavy on the garlic aftertaste
J4: 36 – Good Start. Very traditional
J5: 33 – Tangy! Little too heavy on the garlic
TOTAL: 176

Wing #2 – Hanzo’s Return
J1: 38 – Great texture
J2: 37 – Great spice
J3: 34 – Great flavor but the texture wasn’t great
J4: 39 – Loved the spice marinade on the wings
J5: 29 – Nice flavor. Jerk sauce? Tangy
TOTAL: 177

Wing #3 – Chewey’s Chicken & Waffles Wing (2013 1st Place Winner)
J1: 47 – Amazing. Inventive
J2: 37 – Very creative
J3: 43 – Great idea, good execution
J4: 44 – Good shock factor, was surprised how well this was pulled off
J5: 39 – creativity points! Very well executed. A bit sweet but a fun concept
TOTAL: 210

Winning Wing - Chewey's Waffle Wings

Winning Wing – Chewey’s Waffle Wings

Wing #4 – Charleston Chicken
J1: 11 – Applesauce + Fish = Not good
J2: 27
J3: 26 – So, so
J4: 22 – Weird consistency. A little dry
J5: 16 – soggy consistency. Too fishy
TOTAL: 102

Wing #5 – The KoreanQ (2013 2nd Place Winner)
J1: 42 – Perfect texture, sauce was perfectly spiced
J2: 39
J3: 36 – Could be crispier
J4: 38 – Good smoke, slightly too sweet, nice finish
J5: 54 – nice smoky note, but mushy
TOTAL: 209

Wing #6 – XuXu Wings
J1: 25 – runny sauce, weird texture
J2: 35
J3: 37 –  Didn’t love the sauce
J4: 26 – Good char, needs more balance, gummy skin
J5: 23 – good smoke but watery sauce and soft flesh
TOTAL: 146

Wing #7 – Wife Beater Wings
J1: 22 – slimy, nice presentation
J2: 36
J3: 32 – Nice spice. Too sweet
J4: 28 – slightly sweet, decent spice finish
J5: 19 – Just off. Soggy. Weird consistency
TOTAL: 137

Wing #8
J1: 43 – Beautiful sauce, texture was crunchy
J2: 35
J3: 40 – great spice/sweet ratio
J4: 38 – best classic wing yet, good sauce
J5: 25
TOTAL: 181

Wing #9 – There’s…Something on the Wing
J1: 35 – Applesauce-y
J2: 36
J3: 34 – Great spice. Not  balanced with sweet/salt
J4: 31 – looks awesome, slightly tough
J5: 21 – too sweet
TOTAL: 157

Wing #10 – Flying Through Malibu
J1: 10
J2: 22 – no crisp on the skin
J3: 12
J4: 13 – Weird
J5: 10 – soggy

Wing #11 – Mississippi Masala
J1: 27 – Plain Jane
J2: 39
J3: 29 – Not enough flavor on the wing
J4: 36
J5: 26
TOTAL: 157

Wing #12 – Flight of the Dodo
J1: 30 – Forgettable
J2: 27
J3: 31 – Sauce was not bangin
J4: 18
J5: 33
TOTAL: 139

Wing #13 –VooDoo Wings
J1: 5
J2: 34
J3: 37
J4: 34
J5: 27
TOTAL: 137

Wing #14 – Honey Lime “Right On Time” Chipotle Wings (2013 3rd Place Winner)
J1: 40 – Delicious flavors. Perfect Spice
J2: 35
J3: 40 – Awesome. Just a little too sweet
J4: 42
J5: 33
TOTAL: 190

Wing #15 – The Phillerbuster
J1: 27 – It was fine
J2: 32
J3: 34 – Great flavor
J4: 33
J5: 28 – Nice little heat
TOTAL: 154

Wing #16
J1: 46 – Beautiful
J2: 31
J3: 31 – Dry needs sauce
J4: 23
J5: 30 – Spicy skin!
TOTAL: 161

Wing #18 – WING.LOSE, OR CA-CAW! (2013 People’s Choice Winner)
J1: 32
J2: 37
J3: 35 – Almost. Good flavor. Needs a little salt
J4: 31
J5: 29
TOTAL: 164

This Just In!!: Cleo Phatra to Host Wing King V


It’s not Wing King if there isn’t a few awesome surprises. Yup, Things just got real.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wingmen and Wingwomen, we are honored to announce that none other than the myth… the legend…Cleo Phatra!!! will host tomorrow’s Wing King extravaganza!!!! That’s right, Cleo Phatra, “Queen of denial” the big girl with the big voice, who has appeared at illustrious performance venues, such as Voyeur nightclub, Woodys night club, venture inn, Probar AC, carnegie hall and many more will be in our midst and ready to party! Most recently she appeared in BRAT productions Eternal Glamnation where she combined her love of the world of drag, Rock and roll,

And live theatre!

Known for her fierce lip syncs and even fiercer live vocals… She also designs and constructs her own costumes, as well as Cleo is the co-host of the weekly show “size queen” At voyeur nightclub as well as hosting her own monthly all live singing cabaret “EAT IT!” Please give her a warm BigBite welcome!!  #wk5 is gonna be epic ! See you tomorrow!

12 Days of Wing King: Day 12: Cafe Soho

Cafe Soho
468 W Cheltenham Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19126
(215) 224-6800
$12/small order, $20/large order

In the middle of the Olney section of Philly, on a quiet, random street, you will stumble upon a very bubbly, bright and extremely odd Korean-Japanese fusion spot called Café Soho.

Upon your entrance, you are greeted by a giant red monk statue (weird) in a room covered in red leather booths and walls (weird). One of the first things you notice as you enter is the giant HDTV – playing Kpop (modern South Korean pop) and Korean Hip Hop videos. When seated, you can summon your waiter via a calling button (weird). After you get over the sensory overload, focus your full attention on why you are even there – the dang Korean Fried Chicken!

Soho has been the leader of the Korean fried chicken movement in Philly, and we totally understand why. These plump, succulent wings are perfectly double-fried to ensure that each wing is crispy and holding all of the moisture inside. Each wing is then hand brush with one of their signature sauces allowing for each wing to have a balanced and evenly distributed amount of sauce.

You can choose from soy-garlic glazed, or spicy sauce. We went simple and went for the spicy wing. Holy crap. Biting into a perfectly cooked, juicy, beautifully crispy wing is amazing, but when it has an equally amazing sauce, it’s a win. Take note though – this sauce is not for wimps. It has a spicy finish and intensifies over time. It’s spicy enough to make you two-step to that Korean pop song playing in the background. Phew!

Keeping wings crispy and juicy all at once is something many places can’t seem to get right. You know it’s hard out here for a wing, but Soho makes it look so easy. For that, we give them 5 BigBite Bites = “Mind BloWing” in the 12th and final day of 12 DAYS OF WING KING!


Wing King 5 – Trophy!!


Wing King V winner(s) will be crowned the 2013 and 5th winner of Wing King; will have bragging rights for a year; and of course will be awarded this bad boy – the BigBite traditional wang-tastic trophy!!


Wing King 5 to Support Fleisher’s Program for Children and Youth!


A key component to BigBite events is the celebration of Philadelphia’s diversity. People from all cultures and economic backgrounds come together, with their differences, and their similarities, to share something they all love, GREAT FOOD!! That said, it only makes sense to have our events in spaces that have the right, welcoming, inspiring energy.

Fleisher Art Memorial, founded on the belief that all of us should have access to the arts, is just that! A Philadelphia staple for art instruction, Fleisher’s low cost art programs serve 17,000 students annually. Fleisher’s youth program, serving about 3,000 students a year was recipient of the 2011 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award by Michelle Obama, the nation’s highest honor for out-of-school arts and humanities programs.

BigBite is honored to have the opportunity to use a portion of the proceeds from this year’s Wing King 5 to create five scholarships for children in need of financial support for Fleisher’s Saturday Program for Children and Youth. When you come to Wing King this Saturday, inquire within and grab a brochure. Fleisher is a magical place whose value to our community only grows as funding for school art programs continue to get slashed in budget lines all over the city.

Learn more here.

12 Days of Wing King: Day 11: The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well
767 S. 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 238-6555
$12/ pound

We spent our 11th day of 12 DAYS OF WING KING right around the corner from Wing King 5‘s HQ (Fleisher Art Memorial) at the The Wishing Well.  After we sampled a couple new brews, we decided to sample a new chew – Sriracha-lime wings. Anyone that knows BigBite knows we love Sriracha sauce (or “rooster sauce”) more than Miley loves twerking on older men. If Sriracha – a hot sauce, named after the coastal city of Si Racha in Eastern Thailand – was human, we wouldn’t marry it, but we’d definitely have an affair!  That “cocky” rooster and lime green cap are kitchen mainstays and we put it on everything from chitterlings to pig’s feet. So when we saw the Sriracha-lime wings on the menu, we were already playing out in our heads the awesomeness that was about to enter our mouths. The wings came fast, they were fried, and that’s all we have to say about that (Gump voice). The rest of this story is a straight up snooze fest.  None of the spicy, garlicky, chili – Sriracha – flavors that were expecting, came to play. The lime was present, but the rooster must’ve gone back to the farm because he was nowhere near the chicken we ate.  Hungry and not wanting to waste food, we ate them all, but we were wishing we dropped our money on the other sauces offered: buffalo, BBQ, dry rub, or sweet chili.

Other menu items were spot on and highly recommended (like the pulled pork and burger), but because of the lack in the fiery red rooster sauce we had to give these wings 1 BigBite Bite = “Throw some ZZZ’s on iton the rating system.

Wishing Well2

12 Days of Wing King: Day 10: Khyber

Khyber Pass Pub
56 South Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 238-5888

When we think of the Khyber, we think of a hot, dirty and dark dive bar in the land of Old City. Once known as a legendary venue for shows hosting local and touring bands, and outrageous dance parties – like Destroy Your Liver – Khyber went down in our books as a staple in the Old City community.

Although rough around the edges, it had charm. It, however, did not have not enough charm to persuade us to consume anything other the beer there, let alone, food. When Khyber closed its doors and reopened as Khyber Pass Pub, we were excited to see this legendary bar live on. Today, Khyber, a place that once reeked of stale beer and cigarettes, is now a family-friendly eatery – one pumping out some of our favorite Southern-style foods in the city.

They offer a trio of grilled wings: buffalo, chipotle-bourbon barbecue, and a honey-habenero, accompanied by a blue cheese ranch dressing. Thumbs up to the Khyber for grilling their wing – which allows the wings to cook at a slower pace and provide juicier flavors. These wings were fresh, meaty and grilled perfectly. We loved the Chipotle-BBQ; it had just enough chipotle smoke and a nice sweetness and was tossed with a generous amount of sauce. The buffalo wing was legit. The tangy sauce had just enough heat, but didn’t scorch. However, that dang honey-habenero took it to a next level. The floral taste of honey was magical, but the habeneo was just too much. At your first bite, you are seduced by the wonderful sweet honey flavor, but a few seconds later you are punched in the face by the extreme heat of the habenero. The heat was too aggressive and killed the delicious honey in the wing.

Overall, this playful trio of wings are a must-try (even if you can’t feel your upper lip after), and for that we give Khyber’s wings 4 BigBites =  “Simply Wing-tastic” on the 12 DAYS OF WING KING rating system.


Trio of wings