2nd Annual Philly Chili Bowl

With so many people yearning to redeem their chili from the 1st Annual Philly Chili Cook-off, how could we not plan another one?? We had to bring it back, fo’ sho’!

On March 5th, 2011, Bigbite pulled all the stops and brought a larger, more competitive, more awesome event with the 2nd Annual Philly Chili Bowl. (Yup, we renamed it from “cook-off” to “bowl”). We keep growing…and it sounds cooler!

We relocated from South Philly to Fishtown, since the original cook-off hosts, moved, and are working on a serious project (Peep their hilarious blog).

As competing chili’s were encouraged to bring their delicious final recipes in crock-pots, the new hosting house was taken over by mounds and pounds of chili! It was quite glooo-rious!

BigBite was stoked with the judging line-up! We had a strong 5! Per usual, we had our Resident judges: Joe “ Legendary Crush-Master” Bernstein, from Philly’s new People’s Republic Food Truck and our favorite Philly food blogger, Drew Lazor, from the Philadelphia City Paper’s blog, Mealticket.We excitedly welcomed three first-time BigBite judges for this jawn: South Philly Tap Room Chef, Scott Schroeder. Chef Instructor, Rich Pepino, from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, one of Philly’s most prestigious cooking schools, and finally, Pete Lattanzio, Manager of Iron Chef Garces’ Village Whiskey and Tinto! If you haven’t checked out these Philly hot spots, ooooo-weeee, you def should!

So clearly, it was on. We had 17 entrants; from a peanut chili, oxtail chili, vegetarian chili’s, white chili’s, turkey chili’s and a conglomerate of other spicy, sweet, saucy and sassy chili’s!! What tickled our fancy were the names (tehehe): Flavor that you Savor, Dragon Breathe, Sucker-Punch Pow, Third Place Chili, 2nd Street Pig, Glutton Chili, Sweet Devil Turkey, Charlie Sheen is Winning, Threat Level Midnight, All Bowls Filled, Front Range & Free Range Fireside Chilli, Chorizo Chili Fabuloso, and much more!!

People’s Choice was a hit last year so we brought that ish back too! If you don’t know what this is; it’s an additional judging round where the spectators…aka…folks who come to eat free food, can throw in their two cents and vote for their favorite chili. It’s actually pretty prestigious to win the People’s Choice Award (well, you win a flashy ass ribbon). But nothing beat winning that sweet-ass Philly Chili Bowl Trophy!

Peep some photos on our Facebook page.And to show off the winners and award ceremony of the 2nd Annual Philly Chili Bowl,  check out the footage!

Thanks to all who entered (we hope to see you again at our third annual) and thanks to all those for supporting BigBite’s 2nd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

See you next year.

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