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This Just In!!: Cleo Phatra to Host Wing King V


It’s not Wing King if there isn’t a few awesome surprises. Yup, Things just got real.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wingmen and Wingwomen, we are honored to announce that none other than the myth… the legend…Cleo Phatra!!! will host tomorrow’s Wing King extravaganza!!!! That’s right, Cleo Phatra, “Queen of denial” the big girl with the big voice, who has appeared at illustrious performance venues, such as Voyeur nightclub, Woodys night club, venture inn, Probar AC, carnegie hall and many more will be in our midst and ready to party! Most recently she appeared in BRAT productions Eternal Glamnation where she combined her love of the world of drag, Rock and roll,

And live theatre!

Known for her fierce lip syncs and even fiercer live vocals… She also designs and constructs her own costumes, as well as Cleo is the co-host of the weekly show “size queen” At voyeur nightclub as well as hosting her own monthly all live singing cabaret “EAT IT!” Please give her a warm BigBite welcome!!  #wk5 is gonna be epic ! See you tomorrow!

BigBite Gets Love on the City Paper

3rd Annual Wing King gets some love!! We certainly enjoy the press! Thanks Drew!A little late, BUT…check us out in the Philadelphia City Paper, food blog, MealTicket

*Read up on all of the tasty treats Mealticket hits during an average weekend on Notes from the Weekend!


One awesome activity we discovered this fall is swapping food. We have hosted a couple food swaps amongst a few of our peoples and it’s pretty awesome. Here you’ll see our first swap – The Soup Swap.

So the basics of this swap is to pre-determine a certain food item, cuisine or means of cooking, make six batches of it and share it with the swap group.

During the actual gathering, all the food is layed out and ready to be gripped up like good ‘ol government cheese. You describe the ingredients, cooking methods, and any other details about your particular dish. Following the mouth-watering descriptions, you and everyone else chooses 6 items to take home. WHAT? In a quick 45 minutes you just step your lunch game up.

If you are a true Big Bite-r, you also slip in a few shots of FourLoko in there too.  

Some of the swapables shared were: Butternut Squash Soup with Pear and Thyme, Provencal-style Stew, Red Chicken Soup, Potato Leek Soup, Split Pea with Ham, French Onion Soup, and a few other tasty-ass soups.

We even got a shout out (scroll down) from the Philadelphia City Paper’s own food blogger and Meal Ticket creator Drew Lazor who also participated in the swap.

We is famous.