4th Annual Wing King Judges

The 4th Annual Wing King is not a competition without it’s judges who sit through a 2-hour long tasting of 20+ wings. They are who  delicately taste, savor and examine the plethora of wings entered,  and  determine who will be crowned the WING KING/QUEEN of 2012!!

We want to thank and welcome back to our judges panel, our two resident judges and wings-perts:

DREW LAZOR: Food Editor, Mealticket Blog, CityPaper

This awesome Philly food scene-ster has been part of  the BigBite judging clan since 2010 when he came on-board for the 1st Annual Philly Chili Bowl, and has been with us since! Drew attacked his first Wing King as a judge last year and survived.

Drew knows exactly what BigBiteis all about: fun, food and competition. His stellar judging and his dashing good looks have made him a part of theBigBite family. Drew is the Food Editor for the Philadelphia City Paper. He leads the papers’ food blog, MealTicket. If you need a heads up on what to eat in the city, then check out MealTicket! We do!

JOE BERNSTEIN: BigBite Resident Judge

Judge Bernstein, followed his lineage not into law but into food judging.  An original member Judge, Joe Bernstein has been helped crown EVERY SINGLE BigBite winners.  With a warm spot for visually appealing meals, he is a discerning diner hoping to avoid culinary shortcomings when dining out.  His special sense of taste and unique word play at judging the BigBite entries leave Judge Bernstein a crowd favorite.  He looks forward to this years entries.


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