One drunken November night in 2009 the BigBite gang had a tremendously mind-blowing, new-wave idea. Well, I don’t really remember if it was in November, or in 2009, or if it really was that great of an idea…but we decided to add another competition to our already established BigBite Banger the Wink King Competition, that we successfully put together the summer prior.

We decided to challenge our friends and haters to a chili cook-off. In March 2010 we hosted the 1st Annual Philly Chili Cook-Off. Cuz we does it like that.For a 1st-time event on a small street in South Philly, the day after a major snow storm, we had a good amout of people show. Snow boots, fur coats, cabs, crockpots, ghetto parking; it was all good. 14 Chili’s were entered, and mad people were more than happy to attend to eat that shit up.Before taking these comps more seriously, we actually were pretty official. We had 5  fabulous judges for this event: (From Left: Bill;, local Philly Sous Chef, Drew Lazor, food/web editor at Philly’s CityPaper and creator of Philly’s food blog, Mealticket, BigBite Resident Judge Joe “CrushKiller” Bernstein, up and coming amateur food enthusiast, Dare and pop culture critic and blogger Thembi from WhatWouldThembiDo. Yea, and they killed it.

Outside of the aggressive judging, we also encorporated another oppurtunity for our competitors to show off their chili abilities, so we added a winning catergory; The People Champ’s Round. This round was for guests (not official judges) to throw their 2 cents in on the competing chili’s. People really enjoyed this round. Congrats to Nico P., for being the inaguaral People’s Champ Winner! This quiet cooking beast really brought it with his island ispired Chili. Plantain chips and shit. …And the winner is…Big ups to Philly Chili host and mutha-effin 2010 Philly Chili winner Job K. Somehow (yea, I’m hating, cuz I entered and didnt win shit) this Indi native, blew the judges minds with a Chicken Chili.

While we played with guns and drank a case of beer the night before, I was a witness to the love, time and tenderness that he put into creating this winning chili. Good job, Job. Congrats to 2nd and 3rd Place winners, Jess H. and Grant O. for bringing their ill chili’s to this competition.

Updates on the 2nd Annual 2011 Philly Chili Bowl to come…



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