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The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

With bonfire season in full effect, we decided to get a little creative as temperatures continue to drop. When one is in charge of bringing s’mores to a bonfire party – one must play it proper. When BigBite is in charge of things like this – we go big.

And big we did. We brought a s’mores buffet to the party so that guest could create their very own s’mores sensations.

S'more Buffet

S’more Buffet

On the menu:
-Traditional marshmallows
Jumbo marshmallows – they are massive
-Traditional honey gram crackers
-Chocolate gram crackers
-Traditional milk chocolate bars
-Dark chocolate bars
-Hersey’s cookie’s and cream bars
-Chocolate syrup
-Coconut chips
-Waffle cones

BAM! Options galore.

Our most favorite and prized concoction was our very own creation:

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone. Not this wimpy artificial goop that most of us grew up on, but a legit jumbo marshmallow roasted to perfection, stuffed with a sliver of milk chocolate, then affixed to a waffle cone  – which is slightly roasted again. Before adding the marshmallow to the cone, add Nutella, strawberries and Cookie’s and Cream chocolate bars into the cone. Stuff the jumbo marshmallow into the cone – and then top it off with more strawberries and Nutella, coconut chips, and bananas. NOTE: For an even better sugar high, also add chocolate syrup at the bottom of the cone, before adding the marshmallow and other fixings.

BOOM! Bonfire explosion in your mouth! It’s like a Summer and Fall mashup on a cone!

Be the talk of your next bonfire gathering – and bring The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone as your gift offering. They won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy and stay warm.


12 Days of Wing King: Day 12: Cafe Soho

Cafe Soho
468 W Cheltenham Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19126
(215) 224-6800
$12/small order, $20/large order

In the middle of the Olney section of Philly, on a quiet, random street, you will stumble upon a very bubbly, bright and extremely odd Korean-Japanese fusion spot called Café Soho.

Upon your entrance, you are greeted by a giant red monk statue (weird) in a room covered in red leather booths and walls (weird). One of the first things you notice as you enter is the giant HDTV – playing Kpop (modern South Korean pop) and Korean Hip Hop videos. When seated, you can summon your waiter via a calling button (weird). After you get over the sensory overload, focus your full attention on why you are even there – the dang Korean Fried Chicken!

Soho has been the leader of the Korean fried chicken movement in Philly, and we totally understand why. These plump, succulent wings are perfectly double-fried to ensure that each wing is crispy and holding all of the moisture inside. Each wing is then hand brush with one of their signature sauces allowing for each wing to have a balanced and evenly distributed amount of sauce.

You can choose from soy-garlic glazed, or spicy sauce. We went simple and went for the spicy wing. Holy crap. Biting into a perfectly cooked, juicy, beautifully crispy wing is amazing, but when it has an equally amazing sauce, it’s a win. Take note though – this sauce is not for wimps. It has a spicy finish and intensifies over time. It’s spicy enough to make you two-step to that Korean pop song playing in the background. Phew!

Keeping wings crispy and juicy all at once is something many places can’t seem to get right. You know it’s hard out here for a wing, but Soho makes it look so easy. For that, we give them 5 BigBite Bites = “Mind BloWing” in the 12th and final day of 12 DAYS OF WING KING!


12 Days of Wing King: Day 2: Dienner’s Bar-B-Q

Dienners Bar-B-Q Chicken
51 North 12 St.
(215) 925 – 8755

Dienners Bar-B-Q Chicken quite frankly redefines rotisserie chicken. No slight to supermarket rotisserie, it has to happen sometimes, but this is no Pathmark hot light situation. Deinners is a precisely seasoned, crispy on the outside, flavor to the bone brand of chicken excellence that often gets overlooked with so many other options in the Reading Terminal Market. Known primarily for their classic rotisserie and their hickory barbecue wings, Dienners offers whole chickens and sandwiches as well. In all of the above, the seasoned/ marinated flavor is so deeply and evenly distributed that sauce is less of a focal point and simply not required. That said, there is a range of “special” BBQ sauces, all homemade to compliment the chicken. You can also buy any quantity of wings. Try one or try twenty. You will thank us later.

We gave Dienner’s 4 BigBite Bites = “Simply Wing-tastic” for our 12 Days of Wing King Series.They are clearly excellent and are very consistent but lacked the pizzazz – the cherry on top that would get them to rank at “Mind bloWing“.



12 Days of Wing King: Day 1: North Third

North Third
801 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 413-3666
Price: $7.00 for 1lb, $14 for 2lbs

These wings are by far one of our favorite wings in the city. North 3rd, a gastropub and sister bar to Silk City, is also a staple in the Northern Liberties area. It is never a let-down for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks or whatever other shenanigans your may be into. Notably, the wings that they pump out here by the pound are consistent, plump, and packed with flavor. Choices are the North 3rd Famous (which are a spicy buffalo style wing) or the Thai Chili Glazed with peanuts. As seen below, we are rating the Thai Chili Glazed wing and all its glory.  This wing does not disappoint. The skin is nicely crisped and the wings are large and meaty. The subtle sweetness and hint of spice of the Thai Chili marry perfectly with the crunch of the peanut sprinkled over the wings. The portion size is also a perk – a pound of these wings will fill you up, but will keep you yearning for more.

We give North 3rd Thai Chili Glazed wings 5 BigBite Bites because they are “Mind BloWING”.