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2012 Chili SPOONsor: Playful Gorilla

BigBite can not express how thankful we are for the amount of support provided for our events, especially from our sponsors! It is this support that moves us forward!  Real talk. We want to thank Playful Gorilla for showing us love (again) for the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

Playful Gorilla showcases custom illustrations, limited edition art toys and animated shorts created by Alex Rivera (who does all the Bigbite design like this logo, this logo, and this one!!) as well as favorite client work for your visual viewing pleasure. Playful Gorilla is dedicated to upholding artistic freedom, the pursuit of unbridled creativity and remembering a time before it was all about the money.

Playful Gorilla infuses the absolute love of art and design into everything that is produced. With that being said look to Playful Gorilla for a unique take on all of your creative needs. From event flyers to e-commerce sites; from custom toys to funny t-shirts; from logos to 3D creatures; Playful Gorilla has got your design needs covered. Playful Gorilla reminds you that working hard and staying and your grind requires sacrifice.

Hustle now. Hustle hard – sleeping is for the birds. Check out some of the playful designs on facebook here and “like” Playful Gorilla, because BigBite said so!

You can also follow this funny dude on twitter to stay up on his new designs! Playful Gorilla will be at the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl, so bring your art ideas with you!