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Graffiti Writers Need to Eat Too.

Street Art and graffiti have always been a fascination for the BigBite community. Sure, there is a lot of hoooorrible stuff out there but sometimes the bright colors, stylish letters and clever social commentary can really enliven a dead space. Anyway, as graffiti writers are humans too, they sometimes find inspiration in food…and sometimes restaurants find inspiration in graffiti writers. From the minds of the some of biggest names in contemporary graffiti, to local food haunts like Alla Spina Check out some examples below!

Philadelphia Street Art superstar (and extremely nice guy) Nose Go pops up at Rittenhouse’s Yellow Juice Bar. Who wouldn’t want some fresh squeezed juice from that cute little happy orange!


Learn more about his current adventures…and buy his work before it gets too expensive.

Clearly the MSK crew (including Steel, Augor, Ewok and Rime) one of the worlds most influential graffiti groupings of all time, has a thing for Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. On this wall the there is a epic war going on between the two as they get a little help from Persue. Click image for larger picture.


Pose MSK paints a pretty delicious hot dog on a freight train. Rusted metal was never so juicy!


Check out Distort Painting at Philadelphia’s own Alla Spina.

Sampan’s graffiti bar, was also touched By Distort, with the help of other local graffiti artists Curve, Gage and Rune.



Action Bronson: From His Mouth to Your Stomach


Whether you think he is a Ghostface biter, or  a rap connoisseur with good influences and a style of his own, Action Bronson is definitely good eater. Bronson, known for the vivid, often food-based imagery that he conjures in his lyrics, started rapping after a career as a well-respected gourmet chef in New York. Bronson’s food references are so clear and colorful that you can’t help but wonder how some of the culinary combinations that he references taste and what they look like. Bloggers “Pigeons and Planes” took this curiosity an incredible step further by using their “test kitchen” to prepare some of the rapper’s extravagant dishes. As people who are interested in both hip-hop and food, in healthy doses, we felt obligated to reblog such an incredible post. They literally take Bronson’s bars like

“Bone marrow roasted/Spread it on the rosemary bread lightly toasted/Drizzle with the vinaigrette”

and turn it into:


See the entire piece on Pigeons and Planes.

Also see Bronson in Action(see what I did there), in the kitchen for Vice Below.


Sound Bite: Pho Raps

Even though your family’s culinary traditions take center stage around the holidays and many of us may still have leftovers in our fridges, let this fine piece of rap music remind us that…It is Pho season:)

3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl Video Recap

Were you one of the many folks who were left outside in the cold because we sold out in 30 minutes? If so, here’s an extended video recap of the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

What you will see in this video:
-A closer look at the competitor’s and their ingredients.
-What judges like Kevin Sbraga (Sbraga Restaurant) and Emilio Mignucci (Di Bruno Bros Owner) had to say about what they look for in a good chili, what they liked and what was missing.
-A look at the winners ceremony.
-And meet the BigBite crew.

If you are competing this year…get ready to turn up the heat! This year is going to be off the chili chain! See how it feels to take the win from the eyes of the tag-team winners and their Pet Cemetery Chili. Check out their video here.

*Video Credit to Thinking Thirsty.

Bite This!: Ken Shin – Hot Sea Roll

After watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, my stomach reminded me of how much it longs for a good sushi sit-down feast. Although I haven’t made it to my feast just yet, I picked up the phone and called for my favorite sushi roll in the area: The Ken Shin, Asian Diner’s Hot Sea Roll.

Ok, I know. When you hear Asian + Diner, you can get a little skeptical. What can an Asian diner possibly sell? Well, just like an American diner you can find a smorgasbord of delicious Thai, Korean, Chinese Japanese and Vietnamese varieties, all jam packed into one awesome menu! To me that sounds way better than your typical American diner fare.

Stop in to Ken Shin and start with the Hot Sea Roll, a simple Spicy Salmon and Avocado Roll topped with a nicely peppered and flavorful seared tuna. I know it’s just one roll, but DAMN, it’s a good one. Other favorites are the tiger roll, Pad Thai, Pan Seared Udon, the Chicken Pho (I know – weird, but also a good one), and the long list of bubble teas (Tara is the preferred here).

Don’t be fooled by the cheesy nightclub feel, Ken Shin is about its food. This is a great Asian Fusion off-beat spot in the booming neighborhood of Northern Liberties. Get to it people!

Ken Shin Asian Diner
301 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123