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The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

With bonfire season in full effect, we decided to get a little creative as temperatures continue to drop. When one is in charge of bringing s’mores to a bonfire party – one must play it proper. When BigBite is in charge of things like this – we go big.

And big we did. We brought a s’mores buffet to the party so that guest could create their very own s’mores sensations.

S'more Buffet

S’more Buffet

On the menu:
-Traditional marshmallows
Jumbo marshmallows – they are massive
-Traditional honey gram crackers
-Chocolate gram crackers
-Traditional milk chocolate bars
-Dark chocolate bars
-Hersey’s cookie’s and cream bars
-Chocolate syrup
-Coconut chips
-Waffle cones

BAM! Options galore.

Our most favorite and prized concoction was our very own creation:

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone

The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone. Not this wimpy artificial goop that most of us grew up on, but a legit jumbo marshmallow roasted to perfection, stuffed with a sliver of milk chocolate, then affixed to a waffle cone  – which is slightly roasted again. Before adding the marshmallow to the cone, add Nutella, strawberries and Cookie’s and Cream chocolate bars into the cone. Stuff the jumbo marshmallow into the cone – and then top it off with more strawberries and Nutella, coconut chips, and bananas. NOTE: For an even better sugar high, also add chocolate syrup at the bottom of the cone, before adding the marshmallow and other fixings.

BOOM! Bonfire explosion in your mouth! It’s like a Summer and Fall mashup on a cone!

Be the talk of your next bonfire gathering – and bring The Ultimate Marshmallow Roast Cone as your gift offering. They won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy and stay warm.


2012 SPOONsor: LoveBar

BigBite can not express how thankful we are for the amount of support provided for our events, especially from our sponsors! It is this support that moves us forward!  Real talk. We want to thank LoveBar for showing us love (again) for the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

Is there anything better than chocolate? I mean, seriously. You can use it as a gift, you can use it to persuade your ex-back, you can use it to nibble on. You can even add it to chili (yes!).

Don’t want to sound like Bubba Gump, but you can chill it, melt it, drink it. Dey’s uh chocolate sticks, chocolate kabobs, chocolate ice cream. Dey’s uh pineapple chocolate, raspberry chocolate, coconut chocolate, chocolate cake….ok you get the point. Chocolate is an awesome gift from God. And when its good chocolate that gift is even more amazing.

So when it comes to eating chocolate, eat the best. Eat chocolate made Philly’s own, LoveBar. LoveBar is the first bean-to-bar chocolate company in Philly, sourcing their beans from family farms and co-ops in Ecuador, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

What we love about LoveBar is their appreciation of art, hand-wrapping every bar with original artwork of local artists. Dope.

You can find out more about LoveBar here and more about the supporting artist on their blog. You can also follow this chocolate goodness on Twitter.

LoveBar will be at the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!