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Graffiti Writers Need to Eat Too.

Street Art and graffiti have always been a fascination for the BigBite community. Sure, there is a lot of hoooorrible stuff out there but sometimes the bright colors, stylish letters and clever social commentary can really enliven a dead space. Anyway, as graffiti writers are humans too, they sometimes find inspiration in food…and sometimes restaurants find inspiration in graffiti writers. From the minds of the some of biggest names in contemporary graffiti, to local food haunts like Alla Spina Check out some examples below!

Philadelphia Street Art superstar (and extremely nice guy) Nose Go pops up at Rittenhouse’s Yellow Juice Bar. Who wouldn’t want some fresh squeezed juice from that cute little happy orange!


Learn more about his current adventures…and buy his work before it gets too expensive.

Clearly the MSK crew (including Steel, Augor, Ewok and Rime) one of the worlds most influential graffiti groupings of all time, has a thing for Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. On this wall the there is a epic war going on between the two as they get a little help from Persue. Click image for larger picture.


Pose MSK paints a pretty delicious hot dog on a freight train. Rusted metal was never so juicy!


Check out Distort Painting at Philadelphia’s own Alla Spina.

Sampan’s graffiti bar, was also touched By Distort, with the help of other local graffiti artists Curve, Gage and Rune.


Action Bronson: From His Mouth to Your Stomach


Whether you think he is a Ghostface biter, or  a rap connoisseur with good influences and a style of his own, Action Bronson is definitely good eater. Bronson, known for the vivid, often food-based imagery that he conjures in his lyrics, started rapping after a career as a well-respected gourmet chef in New York. Bronson’s food references are so clear and colorful that you can’t help but wonder how some of the culinary combinations that he references taste and what they look like. Bloggers “Pigeons and Planes” took this curiosity an incredible step further by using their “test kitchen” to prepare some of the rapper’s extravagant dishes. As people who are interested in both hip-hop and food, in healthy doses, we felt obligated to reblog such an incredible post. They literally take Bronson’s bars like

“Bone marrow roasted/Spread it on the rosemary bread lightly toasted/Drizzle with the vinaigrette”

and turn it into:


See the entire piece on Pigeons and Planes.

Also see Bronson in Action(see what I did there), in the kitchen for Vice Below.

Wine’ Not? : From E-40 to Nicki Minaj, Hip-Hop knows It’s Grapes

Though they seem quite contrived sometimes, it’s pretty cool to live in an era when cross-cultural  co-branding campaigns…and really random entrepreneurship efforts are all the rage. Growing up as a hip-hop head, and being the burgeoning  wine connoisseur that I am, I get a special kick out of the random collaborations that bring together hip-hop and wine these days. The following examples incorporate graffiti writers, old hip-hop legends and the colorful weave-rocking, split personality rapping scantily clad queen of the radio herself. Check it!


While other women in hip hop like Lil Kim have entered alcohol endorsement deals before, Nicki Minaj is the first to take it to the next level by actually becoming a co-owner. Minaj’s new business partner, Myx CMO Mona Scott-Young, praises Nicki as a “game-changer,” making her the perfect candidate to usher in “the women’s phase” of rapper-owned Moscato,


Bronx Graffiti Legend Cope 2 joins forces with the Upper West Side’s own 627 Wine and Spirits for this limited edition bottle “La Caldera 67”. Oscar Garcia, the sommelier and buyer at the store that organized the collaboration said, “I remember seeing the tags fly by on the trains. I wanted to recreate that memory…There are a lot of graffiti artists living in New York but this is an artist with longevity.”


True Wine Connoisseurs hosted by Sadat X (of Brand Nubian fame…u remember the high pitched voice from “Slow Down” and “Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down” yeah, that dude). Though still making music, Sadat takes a minute, or a few, to school us about wine legs in his New York Hip-Hop bravado heavy web series. The show often features other notable Hip-Hop personalities. This episode features Dres from Black Sheep!!!


Bay Area legend E-40, best known “Captain Save a Hoe.”  launched NorCal wine label, Earl Stevens Selections, which includes a mango-infused, 18%-ABV fortified wine called Mangoscato, a straight moscato, and a Cabernet and Zinfandel blend named after E-40′s 2012 hit “Function.” When he said he was ” More Hipper than a Hippopotamus, maybe he was right!

Drink and listen responsibly!!

His Milkshake Brings the Butter to the Art??

Jim Victor, renowned sculptor, Conshohocken native and teacher at Fleisher Art Memorial, is at it again, one upping himself with epic feats of food sculpture. Taking cues from the number one American song in 1954, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”, Victor created his newest sculpture for the 2014 Pennsylvania Farm Show (Jan 4 – 11). The sculpture, sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association and Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program, features a family enjoying a tasty milkshake while watching an enraptured couple of dancing cows… the entire scene is HAND CRAFTED OUT OF BUTTER!!!…and nearly 1,000 pounds of it!


When asked about the sculpture PA Agriculture secretary  George Greig“For 60 years, milkshakes have been part of the Farm Show tradition of celebrating Pennsylvania agriculture. What may seem like just a great drink in a plastic cup is a lot more – it’s a representation of the state’s 7,200 dairy farm families who grow Pennsylvania by driving the economy, creating jobs and supplying quality products to consumers.” BAM! Basically he said its a good look to eat more local butter. Done and done.

For more information on Jim Victor, and more amazing chocolate and butter sculptures like the butter babe below, check out


Bite This: Magpie

Whether you think God is red, black, white or purple, there is one thing that we can all agree on: God eats pie. Pie is divine. Put chicken in it, put any fruit in it ,and it will morph into crumbs in a flash. The people at Magpie (1622 South St.), a super cute, byob, late-ish night pie diner, on South Street clearly think as much of pie, as I do.

In a pinch of a stressful day, I departed from my usually, penny pinching self and went straight to Magpie to unwind in some sweet gooey fruity flakiness. I walked in to see my neighbors, familiar and not so familiar, laughing over bottles of whine and crumb topping. Trying to be all seasonal and everything, I got the cranberry/ mixed berry pie (it was peering out of the foil pan, staring at me…). Though I admit, my sweet tooth was satisfied almost instantaneously as the pie met tongue, I immediately felt my father’s heavy hand smacking the back of my head for paying 6.50 for that slice. ” I taught you how to make better pie than that”. It’s true, I can make comparable pie for just a few dollars more than the cost of one slice. I’ve just become too busy and uhh…lazy…

There it is, I’m gonna put it out there…In 2014 I will make more pie. What are your food related new years resolutions????


2013 Philly Chili Bowl at RUBA Club Studios!



 Where is RUBA Club Studios?

414 Green St., Philadelphia, PA 19123

Between Spring Garden and Fairmount Avenues

Between 5th and 4th Streets

aka Behind Silk City



Check FB and Twitter for updates


Shots Fired Photography Captures Philly Chili Bowl


Eating is a high priority for us…but so are the memories we create for ourselves and our friends. With that said, we welcome for the first time  – Tim Blackwell, aka Shots Fired aka “that dude” to the 4th Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

If you don’t know him personally, you have likely seen him around( he is EVERYWHERE!). If you have not seen him then you have definitely seen his photographs. Specializing in event photography, street photography and photo shoots for publication, Tim covers a lot of ground in Philly and beyond. Documenting celebrities for 215 Magazine, covering events of all types and recording all else that is Philadelphia life, Tim has honed the skill of capturing memorable, sincerely fun moments between people. As the 4th annual Philly Chili Bowl will have many of those type of moments, we are super excited to have Tim as a part of our team!!  When you see him, say hello and don’t forget to wipe that chili off of your chin!!;)

Get to know Tim on Facebook or Flickr or @shotsfired on Instagram and Twitter.