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2013 Chili Check-In: Shireen and Eileen Khazamipour and Jared Emmett

ShireenIndividual or Team Name:  Shireen and Eileen Khazamipour and Jared Emmett
Chili Name:  Drunk Little Piggy Chili
Attempts: First attempt—we only need one attempt to bring home the Philly Chili Bowl Trophy.
Chili Profile: Everything’s better with bacon – and that goes for chili too. It’s made with bacon AND beer.  Need we say more?  We will say that we use lots of beef (this chili is not for vegetarians), our 9% abv home-brewed imperial chocolate stout, and thick sliced bacon coated with our secret seasoning.   Fresh ingredients, two kinds of beans and ghost chili extract give this little piggy a kick in the you-know-what. This fiery little piggy got drunk on some home-brew and is gonna tickle your tastebuds.
About Shireen: Born in Tampa and raised in South Jersey, I now live in Blackwood with my fiance, who is my main cooking audience and the biggest fan of my creative cuisine.  While I have never entered a chili competition, I’ve been told by the many tasters of my unique chili recipe, that I definitely should.  I enter home-brew competitions and once brought my chili (that has my home-brewed beer as an ingredient) for people’s choice judges to taste as a complement to my beer.  I got more compliments on the chili than the beer!
Who makes the best Chili in the City:  Hands down, this would be Loco Pez.  They’re chili is smoky and fresh, with a flavor explosion.
Best Chili you ever made: Drunk Little Piggy Chili, of course.  Why would we bring anything but the best to the Philly Chili Bowl?  It’s Shireen’s unique chili recipe with her homebrewed chocolate stout,  that has been perfected with the new addition of twice-seasoned bacon.
Favorite Quote: Everything’s better with bacon.”
Prediction: Many crave-worthy chilis will arrive on March 9th, but only one will win the hearts of the chili fans of Philadelphia.  We all know how tough and critical the fans of Philly can be.

2013 Chili Check-In: Cat Downs & Erik Humes

407b6a7a647c11e19896123138142014_6Team Name: Cat Downs & Erik Humes
Chili Name: 2 Chicks 1 Chili
Neighborhood: EPX
Attempts:  This is our second year. Last year was our first attempt, and we scored 2nd place. Not too shabby (actually pretty awesome)!
Chili Profile: Despite the name, we are not 2 chicks making the chili (or doing anything else to it for that matter), but rather we put two whole roasted chickens INSIDE THE CHILI. Along with about 30 other ingredients. I dare you to guess them all!
About Cat & Erik: Erik and I are a married team, who like to work in the kitchen together. And by work in the kitchen, I mean I do most of it, and he taste-tests. He’s a really good taste-tester though. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the key reasons we do well at all. We’re both from the general area (New Jersey and the Philly burbs), and we started getting into cook-offs because I was bored and interested in cooking, and he likes to compete. This will be our 8th cook-off in total, and we’re still just as excited and clueless about what we’re doing. That’s what makes it fun!
Who makes the best Chili in the City?: I agree that the best chilis are at this cook-off. Otherwise, Philly isn’t much of a chili town, which is a real shame.
Best Chili you ever made: We try to improve our chili with new ingredients and ideas every time we make one, so I’m going to say this one will be the best. Until the next one.
Best Quote: “You don’t win friends with salad!”
Prediction: I predict we will have an awesome time, as we do at any BigBite event. I also predict we will either win, or lose.
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2013 Chili Check-In: Michael Strauss & Pete Fry

Manayunk Newbie’s forsee an apocalypse…

Mike.PeteTeam Name: Mike and Pete’s Pork-Apocalypse
Chili Name: Voodoo Chili (A Slight Reburn)
Neighborhood: Manayunk
About Mike & Pete: Pete was born in Downingtown, PA and currently resides in Doylestown. He is a rockstar and home cook!! Mike was born in Jersey, and resides in Roxborough…He is a volunteer Chef for the Vetri Foundation For Children!
Attempts:  First Ever
Chili Profile: Pork-Apocalypse. Too many words would undermine the experience!
Best Chili in the City: Wendy’s
Best Chili you ever made: Texas Chili with a mole style sauce
Favorite Quote: “You are what you eat…”A
Prediction: We are gonna enter chili stadium like Muhammad Ali, Gloves in the air, the crowd roaring…We’re gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee…

2013 Chili Check-In: Louis Cook & Matt Coll

Pet CemName:
Louis & Clark Matt
Chili Name: Pet Cemetery II: Meat Dynasty
Neighborhood: Fairmount and Italian Market
Attempts: 1 for 1
Chili Profile: Our chili features more dead animals than a pet cemetary. We don’t just create a sloppy meat pot, we cherish and prepare each ingredient individually and then carefully blend all the elements so your mind is blown when you put it in your mouth.
Best Chili in the City: All the Chili bowl competitors!
Best Chili you ever made: Pet Cemetery I
Favorite Quote: “The winner is Pet Cemetery” – Bigbite Philly
Prediction: It will be an incredible event. A dynasty will be born. We’ll sell our recipe to the highest bidder and never come back.
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2013 Chili Check-In: Steve Gravelle

CCI Steve GravelleIndividual Name: Steve Gravelle
Chili Name: Chili of Brotherly Love
Neighborhood: South Philly
About Steve: Originally from New Hampshire, I moved to Philadelphia to work in theatre in 2006.  I’ve been running a food blog since April 2010, where I post original recipes weekly.  I fought hard in last year’s Chili Bowl, but my vegan dark chocolate chili was defeated by meaty concoctions. I’m gonna bring the pain this year!  You’ll be up all night with the meat sweats after tasting my Chili of Brotherly Love!
Attempts: One previous entry, Chili Bowl 2012
Chili Profile: Meat, meat and meat. Plus beer and braised beans (for good measure). Chilis above, below, and all through the middle.
Best Chili in the City? Why?: National Mechanics – because they serve it with Fritos and cheese…. mmm!
Best Chili you ever made: White Chili with Cauliflower, white beans and Greek yogurt
Best Movie Quote: “I’m a mushroom cloud layin’ motherfucker, motherfucker” – (Pulp Fiction)
Prediction: I cook to win. I’m gonna smoke the competition like Texas brisket. Consider yourself warned!

2012 Chili Check-In: Alex Newman

Checking in with the contestants of the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl. Info, stats and predictions.

“Food isnt just the way to a man’s heart; its the way to anyone’s heart”

NAME: Alex Newman
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5′ 9
WEIGHT: thin
CHILI NAME: Dear Chili 
ATTEMPTS: First time competitior
HEAT : It starts off with a lot of flavor and ends with a little kick
: “Dear Chili,” is a basic recipe with good flavors and the perfect amount of spice.  If needed, take it down a notch with cheese, rice, sour cream or corn bread, but try it plain and you won’t regret it. Venison’s one of the leanest meats you can eat, so enjoy my chili and don’t worry about your waistline. The deer meat comes from my home town of Lancaster, Virginia that my dad brought up from a recent hunt.
QUOTE: “Food isnt just the way to a man’s heart; its the way to anyone’s heart”

2012 Chili Check-In: Ketki Gupte

Checking in with the contestants of the 3rd Annual Philly Chili BowlInfo, stats and predictions.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. —Virginia Woolf

AGE: What do you think?
HEIGHT: 5′ 2
CHILI NAME: Smouldering Masala Goat Chili
ATTEMPTS: My first time at a BigBite competition
HEAT : Like embers of wood stoking the firewood into a full-blown camp-fire: a heat that builds up with time from warm to spicy to a zapping fire-cracker bang.
CHILI PROFILE: Adding a distinctive Indian flavor to the traditional chili, this dish takes goat, the star of Indian non-vegetarian dishes and infuses it with Indian spices to add a unique warmth and brightness to the much-beloved, ultimate American comfort food.
QUOTE: One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. —Virginia Woolf
PREDICTION: My chili will definitely stand out as something unique and a never-before-had experience in the chili-realm, you might even think, “This is the best damn chili I ever had!”. That’s what I am aiming for, and that’s what I shall achieve.