Have Your Pi and Eat it Too!!!


By now, you should know that Saturday, March 14th, 2015 is the 6th Annual BigBite Philly Chili Bowl, and its going down.

For those foodies who like a little nerdiness with their foodieness, they may even know that March 14th is Albert Einstein’s birthday!

But the real ride-or-die, full-blown nerds know that March 14th is National Pi Day! That’s right, Pi is observed on 3/14 – since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π in decimal form – and will be celebrated at museums, in classrooms, and in math loving brains all around the US.

A quick refresher: Pi is defined as the distance around a perfect circle, or the circumference, divided by the distance across it, or the diameter. Throughout history, people have been captivated by this number because there is no way to calculate it exactly by a simple division on your calculator. What’s more interesting is that its digits go on infinitely, without any pattern in the numbers. 3.1415926535897932…, etc.

What’s cool about this year is that because its 2015 we get two more digits than usual in the date. 1 and 5 actually get us a day that is a slightly more accurate version of Pi (we’re geeking out right now, sorry).

Now to the point: Conveniently, “Pi” sounds like “pie” and pies are round. In short, foodies, nerds and everyone in between will win when there is pie on Pi day.

Pi-pie9-1024x993 enhanced-buzz-29529-1363197741-16

With that said, all hungry smarty pants are welcome to this unique special at Philly Chili Bowl: Anyone who brings a homemade fruit pie, pizza pie, or pot pie to this year’s Philly Chili Bowl will not have to pay a cover! That’s right, free entry* if you observe Pi(e) Day and bring a homemade (key word) pie!!

We look forward to seeing how creative you nerds get!

See you on Saturday!


*one pie per person


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  • bigbiteblog

    […] Cost: $10 ($15 at the door) to enter, eat, and judge the People’s Choice round. $15 for single entry or $20 (for teams of 2) Free entry if you bring a homemade pie. Details here. […]

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