Sweetbox Treats at the Philly Chili Bowl!

At Philly Chili Bowl 5 expect tons of delicious chili – topped off with gourmet cheeses and lots of classic beer to guzzle it all down. Although this is easily a typical BigBite Philly feast, there is still something missing in this equation.

So, what else do we need to complete our food festivities? Dessert of course! 

Philly – home to many dessert slingers and pastry players – has a wealth of fantastic sugary sweetness bubblegum-drop swirly-twirly goodness in almost every hood and we are lucky to have one of the best contenders in this area, with us this Sunday!

Gretchen Fantini

Gretchen Fantini – Sweetbox Shop

We welcome the beautiful Gretchen Fantini of Sweetbox Shop, a cupcake connoisseur who will be providing her very delectable chili-inspired cupcakes!


Gretchen and her food truck and dessert shop empire has been running the sugary streets since 2011 while providing delicious gourmet cupcakes like Strawberries & Champagne, Snickerdoodle, Bacon Maple Pancake and Cookies & Cream. Recently she wowed  the crowd with a Prosciutto di Parma Cupcake (yum!).

Gretchen is no stranger to competition, having won the 1st Philly Vendy Awards at the Piazza and  Peach Perfection, a BigBite Philly cupcake competition at the PMFA Brewerytown Roundup event.

Amongst the sea of chili this Sunday, take a moment to check in with Gretchen and end your gluttony with a Sweetbox cupcake!


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