Wine’ Not? : From E-40 to Nicki Minaj, Hip-Hop knows It’s Grapes

Though they seem quite contrived sometimes, it’s pretty cool to live in an era when cross-cultural  co-branding campaigns…and really random entrepreneurship efforts are all the rage. Growing up as a hip-hop head, and being the burgeoning  wine connoisseur that I am, I get a special kick out of the random collaborations that bring together hip-hop and wine these days. The following examples incorporate graffiti writers, old hip-hop legends and the colorful weave-rocking, split personality rapping scantily clad queen of the radio herself. Check it!


While other women in hip hop like Lil Kim have entered alcohol endorsement deals before, Nicki Minaj is the first to take it to the next level by actually becoming a co-owner. Minaj’s new business partner, Myx CMO Mona Scott-Young, praises Nicki as a “game-changer,” making her the perfect candidate to usher in “the women’s phase” of rapper-owned Moscato,


Bronx Graffiti Legend Cope 2 joins forces with the Upper West Side’s own 627 Wine and Spirits for this limited edition bottle “La Caldera 67”. Oscar Garcia, the sommelier and buyer at the store that organized the collaboration said, “I remember seeing the tags fly by on the trains. I wanted to recreate that memory…There are a lot of graffiti artists living in New York but this is an artist with longevity.”


True Wine Connoisseurs hosted by Sadat X (of Brand Nubian fame…u remember the high pitched voice from “Slow Down” and “Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down” yeah, that dude). Though still making music, Sadat takes a minute, or a few, to school us about wine legs in his New York Hip-Hop bravado heavy web series. The show often features other notable Hip-Hop personalities. This episode features Dres from Black Sheep!!!


Bay Area legend E-40, best known “Captain Save a Hoe.”  launched NorCal wine label, Earl Stevens Selections, which includes a mango-infused, 18%-ABV fortified wine called Mangoscato, a straight moscato, and a Cabernet and Zinfandel blend named after E-40′s 2012 hit “Function.” When he said he was ” More Hipper than a Hippopotamus, maybe he was right!

Drink and listen responsibly!!


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