12 Days of Wing King: Day 10: Khyber

Khyber Pass Pub
56 South Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 238-5888

When we think of the Khyber, we think of a hot, dirty and dark dive bar in the land of Old City. Once known as a legendary venue for shows hosting local and touring bands, and outrageous dance parties – like Destroy Your Liver – Khyber went down in our books as a staple in the Old City community.

Although rough around the edges, it had charm. It, however, did not have not enough charm to persuade us to consume anything other the beer there, let alone, food. When Khyber closed its doors and reopened as Khyber Pass Pub, we were excited to see this legendary bar live on. Today, Khyber, a place that once reeked of stale beer and cigarettes, is now a family-friendly eatery – one pumping out some of our favorite Southern-style foods in the city.

They offer a trio of grilled wings: buffalo, chipotle-bourbon barbecue, and a honey-habenero, accompanied by a blue cheese ranch dressing. Thumbs up to the Khyber for grilling their wing – which allows the wings to cook at a slower pace and provide juicier flavors. These wings were fresh, meaty and grilled perfectly. We loved the Chipotle-BBQ; it had just enough chipotle smoke and a nice sweetness and was tossed with a generous amount of sauce. The buffalo wing was legit. The tangy sauce had just enough heat, but didn’t scorch. However, that dang honey-habenero took it to a next level. The floral taste of honey was magical, but the habeneo was just too much. At your first bite, you are seduced by the wonderful sweet honey flavor, but a few seconds later you are punched in the face by the extreme heat of the habenero. The heat was too aggressive and killed the delicious honey in the wing.

Overall, this playful trio of wings are a must-try (even if you can’t feel your upper lip after), and for that we give Khyber’s wings 4 BigBites =  “Simply Wing-tastic” on the 12 DAYS OF WING KING rating system.


Trio of wings

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