12 Days of Wing King: Day 9: Brock’s Wings & Things

Brock’s Wings & Things
1600 N. Broad St., #5
(215) 765-6555
$5.49/ 5 piece
$8.49/ 10 piece

Our next wing maker, Raheem Brock is a homegrown champion. Owner of  Brock’s Wings & Things, Brock is a Central High and Temple U. alum who was first drafted by our very own Eagles!  Since draft day, the defensive end has helped the Indianapolis Colts win a Super Bowl, played on a few other squads, and then after nine years in the NFL, Brock returned to Broad Street with just a bag of wings – to remind Philly what a championship tastes like.

Boasting over 10 different flavors, including Jamaican jerk and garlic-Parmesan, we could have spent all 12 days of Wing King at Brock’s!  A guaranteed hit amongst college students, Brock’s offers delivery and accept Diamond Dollars  (Temple’s campus currency.) This place also wins because their juicy wings come in quantities of five, so that you can sample, and not commit to one flavor.  Plus, if you don’t like wings, Brock’s has “Things”, like pizza, sliders, and salads.

BigBite had the opportunity to sample two flavors; a simple hot wing and a  lemon pepper wing.  Brock’s jumbo hot wings were fried to perfection, smothered with a hot sauce mixture reminiscent of Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce.  While the corners of our mouths were left feeling the hot sauce afterburn, the lemon pepper wings left a little more to be desired. We were expecting a tangy, citrusy, and spicy sauce, but instead they were fried and lightly sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning.  Overall, one cannot go wrong with a place that has so many options, but because the lemon pepper fumbled on the one yard line, BigBite must give Brock’s Wings & Things a solid 3 BigBites =  “It just needs a little more something, something” on the 12 DAYS OF WING KING rating system.


Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper

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