12 Days of Wing King: Day 3: Growlers Pub, Kitchen & Living Room

Growlers Bar, Kitcken & Living Room
736 South 8th Street
(267) 519 – 3242

Growlers, a new gastropub from the people behind Time and Vintage, has managed to stay on the tip of my friend’s tongues when novel, good food options come up in conversation. When I finally made it to South Philly to form my own opinion I was about to order a burger when – BAM!! – I see Jameson BBQ wings on the menu. I’m not much of a whisky drinker but some how a little liquor in the title of any dish makes everything a little sexier. When the wings came to me, they indeed looked sexy. Unfortunately though, the taste did not quite reach the expectations. Though the sauce, evenly dressed on the wings, gave a nice sweet, flavorful looking coat to the wings, It did not taste like much. Surprisingly both the Jameson and barbeque flavors where extremely subtle. They certainly were not bad, mildly sweet barbeque wings that did not really taste like barbeque. I was left wishing i was at home so I could jazz them up a bit.

These things considered, we gave Growler’s wings 3 BigBite Bites = “It just needs a little more something, something



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