2013 Chili Check-In: Shireen and Eileen Khazamipour and Jared Emmett

ShireenIndividual or Team Name:  Shireen and Eileen Khazamipour and Jared Emmett
Chili Name:  Drunk Little Piggy Chili
Attempts: First attempt—we only need one attempt to bring home the Philly Chili Bowl Trophy.
Chili Profile: Everything’s better with bacon – and that goes for chili too. It’s made with bacon AND beer.  Need we say more?  We will say that we use lots of beef (this chili is not for vegetarians), our 9% abv home-brewed imperial chocolate stout, and thick sliced bacon coated with our secret seasoning.   Fresh ingredients, two kinds of beans and ghost chili extract give this little piggy a kick in the you-know-what. This fiery little piggy got drunk on some home-brew and is gonna tickle your tastebuds.
About Shireen: Born in Tampa and raised in South Jersey, I now live in Blackwood with my fiance, who is my main cooking audience and the biggest fan of my creative cuisine.  While I have never entered a chili competition, I’ve been told by the many tasters of my unique chili recipe, that I definitely should.  I enter home-brew competitions and once brought my chili (that has my home-brewed beer as an ingredient) for people’s choice judges to taste as a complement to my beer.  I got more compliments on the chili than the beer!
Who makes the best Chili in the City:  Hands down, this would be Loco Pez.  They’re chili is smoky and fresh, with a flavor explosion.
Best Chili you ever made: Drunk Little Piggy Chili, of course.  Why would we bring anything but the best to the Philly Chili Bowl?  It’s Shireen’s unique chili recipe with her homebrewed chocolate stout,  that has been perfected with the new addition of twice-seasoned bacon.
Favorite Quote: Everything’s better with bacon.”
Prediction: Many crave-worthy chilis will arrive on March 9th, but only one will win the hearts of the chili fans of Philadelphia.  We all know how tough and critical the fans of Philly can be.


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