2013 Chili Check-In: Louis Cook & Matt Coll

Pet CemName:
Louis & Clark Matt
Chili Name: Pet Cemetery II: Meat Dynasty
Neighborhood: Fairmount and Italian Market
Attempts: 1 for 1
Chili Profile: Our chili features more dead animals than a pet cemetary. We don’t just create a sloppy meat pot, we cherish and prepare each ingredient individually and then carefully blend all the elements so your mind is blown when you put it in your mouth.
Best Chili in the City: All the Chili bowl competitors!
Best Chili you ever made: Pet Cemetery I
Favorite Quote: “The winner is Pet Cemetery” – Bigbite Philly
Prediction: It will be an incredible event. A dynasty will be born. We’ll sell our recipe to the highest bidder and never come back.
Website/Blog: www.philadelphiaanglersclub.com & www.duderamps.com


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