Travel Bites: New York: Lobster Rolls

I don’t get to eat this tasty treat often, but when I can devour some good ol’ Maine-style lobster rolls, I do. What’s a Maine-style roll you ask?? Simple. It’s a split top roll (like a hot dog roll or similar) that is lightly buttered and then lightly grilled (like). A gentle swipe of mayo is added (like), which is then filled with a generous serving of chilled seafood (love). Lastly it is topped with a sprinkled of lemon juice (like).  I’m drooling.

On a casual stroll in New York’s Upper East side we  stopped in on a  Luke’s Lobster, one of many locations in the city. Peep the menu.

Of course we went with the Noah’s Ark special: Two half lobster rolls, two half crab rolls, two half shrimp rolls, four crab claws, two sodas, two chips and two pickles. BOOM! Instant happiness.

Sadly the shrimp roll (right) was nothing special, but that lobster roll (left) takes the dang cake!! Crab roll (center) came at a close second. That warm buttery bread topped with creamy fresh lobster, with a dash of Luke’s yummy secret spice, is a definite Bite you need to take. If you make it to Luke’s, don’t sleep on the crab claw either. Might be good enough to make you move to New York. maybe.

Luke’s Lobster – Upper East Side 
242 E. 81st Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 249-4241

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