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4th Annual Wing King Judge – Chef Scott Schroeder

Although Chef Scott Schroeder has not judged a Wing King event just yet, he knows what to expect when BigBite offers 20 crazy mash-ups of flavors! Chef Scott broke the seal when he judged the 2nd Annual Philly Chili Bowl. We welcome him back to the judging panel!

A native of Detroit, Chef Scott Schroeder trained in his hometown under charcuterie expert and award-winning chef, Brian Polcyn.  After moving to Philadelphia in 1997 Chef Scott cut his teeth in the kitchen of many famed Philly standards like Brasserie Perrier, Passion and Jake’s. In his first ‘Chef’ position at Northern Liberties hot-spot Deuce, Schroeder garnered praise and a two-bell review from Craig Laban. Currently Chef Scott presides over the kitchens at the South Philadelphia Tap Room, another two-bell establishment, and American Sardine Bar where his menus reflect his passion for fresh, local ingredients and cooking from “scratch.”

He is also the Chef/Owner of Scott Dogs, a hot dog cart serving handmade hot dogs made with local pork and beef. During his free time he enjoys long walks on the beach and cooking with his 11-year old son, Luke. Follow his rants and raves on Twitter.

Wing King IV Sponsor: Crossfaded Bacon

It is a great pleasure to have Philly Chili Bowl Sponsor, Crossfaded Bacon return to be a gracious sponsor of Wing King IV!! (we special!)

The powerhouse Philly DJ duo, Emynd and Bo Bliz, are the masterminds behind the Record Label/Blog/Clothing Brand Crossfaded Bacon and have been providing Philly with their patented unruly parties like their 1st Friday staple, the Bounce at the Barbary (see the Friday, June 1 flyer here). If you ain’t knowing, it’s hands down, one of the best dance parties in the city. They also run the very unique “It’s the Year” parties along with 215Hiphop at Johnny Brenda’s, where music from a particular year is played for the entire night. It is also where you will most likely run into the BigBite team and friends. It’s a great party if you want to re-live your high school, college, or for the youngins, your daycare years!

Crossfaded Bacon, as they put it, is a label that specializes in releasing weird awesomeness, and they couldn’t have said it any better.  They provide a crazy range of mixes and blends (from Hip-Hop to House to New Orleans Bounce to Baltimore Club) played and danced to, all over the country. Check out their mixcloud and their rotating series of mixes called 1st and 15th where they drop new mixes every 1st & 15th of the month.  Also, check out Emynd’s soundcloud for tons of free music and follow him and Bo Bliz on twitter to keep up with their events and new music!

These dudes, know what they are doing. Check them out.

Wing King IV Sponsor: Playful Gorilla

It is a great pleasure to have Philly Chili Bowl Sponsor, Playful Gorilla return to be a gracious sponsor of Wing King IV!! (we is so special!)

Playful Gorilla has been a big supporter of BigBite from the beginning  and has definitely hooked it up when it comes to design! Thanks to Playful Gorilla we have been lucky to get this design, and this design, and this one!

So what is Playful Gorilla? Playful Gorilla showcases custom illustrations, limited edition art toys and animated shorts created for your visual viewing pleasure. Playful Gorilla is dedicated to upholding artistic freedom, the pursuit of unbridled creativity and remembering a time before it was all about the money.

Playful Gorilla infuses the absolute love of art and design into everything that is produced. With that being said look to Playful Gorilla for a unique take on all of your creative needs. From event flyers to e-commerce sites; from custom toys to funny t-shirts; from logos to 3D creatures; Playful Gorilla has got your design needs covered. Playful Gorilla reminds you that working hard and staying and your grind requires sacrifice.

Check out some of these playful designs on facebook . Follow him on twitterOr shop at

Playful Gorilla will be at Wing King IV, so bring your art ideas with you!

Wing King IV Sponsor: Philbilly

It is a great pleasure to have Philly Chili Bowl Sponsor, Philbilly return to be a gracious sponsor of Wing King IV!! (we feel special!)

What is Philbilly you ask? According to the Urban Dictionary a “Philbilly” is a loud, fat, sometimes drug addict thin, stupid, inbred fuck who resides in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Usually all family members will reside in nearby houses, i.e mom next door etc. Commonly identifiable by features such as buzzcuts, wife beaters, baggy shorts, tatts, any Eagles clothing, and large wastelines or sunken faces. Often known to use the term ‘yo’ or ‘yeew’ as part of their communications. The men sometimes characterized by a loud bellowing tone, or slow, drug-induced, raspy smokers voice. Usually punctuate the end of most sentences by nonsensical joker-like guffaws.The women a shrill, gossipy, whiny tone. Most shop at their locally based Wawa market where a purchase of cigarettes are customary with each visit.

There may be some “philbillies” at Wing King (no gaurentees), but thankfully, the Philybilly that is sponsoring Wing King IV is not what is described above. Philbilly is a bad-ass local company who produce amazing Philly inspired tee shirts. You can find them at local festivals, shows and parties. Perfect design to rep Philly in a dynamic way. Also a great way to represent yourself if you are a true Philbilly (see description above) at heart!

Check out Philbilly’s tee’s here and follow then on facebook for upcoming designs and events.

Philbilly, thank you for sponsor and attending our last event, the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

Wing King IV Sponsor: The Cult of Style

It is a great pleasure to include a Cali-to-Philly Fashion Blog, Cult of Style as one of the gracious sponsors of Wing King IV!!

Yea, that’s right. So, not only are we foodies, but we also likes to keep ourselves styling at all times. SWAG!SWAG! SWAG!

Run by one of Urban Inc.’s talented designers, Cult of Style is a pretty blog with all things stylish and trendy! It features fashion trends of today plus new brands, new designers, new stores and new music. If we could have a fashion show based on these amazing picks, we would. We would just add wing sauce!

So now that we have broken away from winter, and you are probably already looking for your Wing King IV outfit, get inspired by Cult of Style’s blog for great outfits for this epic wing-stastic event!

You can also follow Cult of Style:
On Facebook
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On Bloglovin

Wing King IV Sponsor: Play and Learn!

Much like the late, great Whitney Houston, BigBite also believes children are the future.  And you know what?  The children believe we are the future too!  The rugrats ride for BB so hard that the 4th Annual Wing King is sponsored by the children of Play and Learn!   Located in Willingboro, NJ the center is a year round daycare operated in the warm home of director, Cristina Shafer.  Play and Learn follows the Montessori education philosophy and offers two, three, and five day programs with day and afternoon sessions.

Play and Learn: teaches your child well, and lets them lead the way.

Whether your “LilBite” is 2 months to 5 years old, Play and Learn will instill the love of learning, self-esteem, and good manners to aide your young one toward individual growth .   Contact Cristina for more information and to schedule a site visit.

Play and Learn

(856) 396.5072

Wing King IV Sponsor: Uniquely Greek

It is a great pleasure to include Uniquely Greek as one of the gracious sponsors of Wing King IV!!

An inspiration to BigBiters who dream to take their best recipes forward, Uniquely Greek is what we all aspire to do: make our favorite and most simple but awesome flavors, alive.

A brother and sister team, passionate about food, joined together and started producing simple, fun and real spreads and dips from fresh ingredients for all to enjoy! And we shall enjoy them this Saturday at Wing King IV.

From creamy buffalo feta spread to Mediterranean BBQ party dip, Uniquely Greek will partner well with the unique recipes of our 20 competitors!

For more information on the unique dip and spread flavors, visit here:

To hear more about their soon to come meze dips, follow them on twitter and facebook!

You can also say “Yassou” (hello in Greek) to the Uniquely Greek folks this Saturday as well! Get those bellies ready!