Wing King IV Sponsor: Philbilly

It is a great pleasure to have Philly Chili Bowl Sponsor, Philbilly return to be a gracious sponsor of Wing King IV!! (we feel special!)

What is Philbilly you ask? According to the Urban Dictionary a “Philbilly” is a loud, fat, sometimes drug addict thin, stupid, inbred fuck who resides in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Usually all family members will reside in nearby houses, i.e mom next door etc. Commonly identifiable by features such as buzzcuts, wife beaters, baggy shorts, tatts, any Eagles clothing, and large wastelines or sunken faces. Often known to use the term ‘yo’ or ‘yeew’ as part of their communications. The men sometimes characterized by a loud bellowing tone, or slow, drug-induced, raspy smokers voice. Usually punctuate the end of most sentences by nonsensical joker-like guffaws.The women a shrill, gossipy, whiny tone. Most shop at their locally based Wawa market where a purchase of cigarettes are customary with each visit.

There may be some “philbillies” at Wing King (no gaurentees), but thankfully, the Philybilly that is sponsoring Wing King IV is not what is described above. Philbilly is a bad-ass local company who produce amazing Philly inspired tee shirts. You can find them at local festivals, shows and parties. Perfect design to rep Philly in a dynamic way. Also a great way to represent yourself if you are a true Philbilly (see description above) at heart!

Check out Philbilly’s tee’s here and follow then on facebook for upcoming designs and events.

Philbilly, thank you for sponsor and attending our last event, the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!


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