An “E.G.G.” in the Rough

Formally known as Fathom, my favorite place to get oysters in Fishtown has turned over to new ownership and have not only reinvented their menu, but they’ve also adopted a new name. The East Girard Gastropub (also known as “E.G.G.”) is still run by Fathom’s cooks and while it is no longer exclusively fish-focused, the addition of several meat dishes has only expanded my love for the place.  Don’t get me wrong, the fish selection here is still great, but adding meat to the menu was definitely a good look.  Not only is the food still delicious, but it is a “gastropub” after all, so they take their beer quite seriously as well.

So, what should you get?  I am both fascinated by and addicted to oysters so the first thing I would recommend getting are the constantly changing and amazingly fresh oyster selections. They really hit it on the head everyime with the east and west coast choices.  Squirt a little lemon on these bad boys and enjoy.  Do it.

Next step: try the wings. You know we here at BigBite headquarters are quite critical about wings since we are after all the WING KINGS, but I definitely co-sign the Honey and Hot Wings from the E.G.G. They are large, plump and juicy. The sauce is perfect and is served with a side of cheesy bleu cheese.

Besides delicious, fresh oysters, another way to get straight to my heart is with some tasty tacos. Luckily, the E.G.G. knows how to make a good taco too. Their Tacos Carnitas (braised pork) with pickled cabbage and salsa roja are wonderful!

So, these are just a few of the many great eats at the East Girard Gasrtopub.  Next time you find yourself in Fishtown, I highly recommend stopping into this underrated eatery. Grab a beer, and go to town on theese tasty treats.  And keep in mind that if your pockets are tight, they do have great food and drink specials during happy hour (Monday to Friday 4-7), including specials on oysta’s!




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