Bite This! Marrakesh Express – Chicken Shawarma

What’s better than a little afternoon Moroccan Mint Tea? How about a Moroccan Mint Tea AND a nicely prepared Shawarma from Marrakesh Express!

This restaurant-turned-food-truck is definitely doing the shawarma right!  What’s a shawarma, you ask? Much like our favorite late-night snag in Germany, the doner kaboab, a shawarma is a pita wrap stuffed with rotating roast meats, usually lamb, beef or chicken. The meats are roasted on a rotating vertical poll that is then sliced off to be stuffed in your shawarma wrap with a range of condiments and veggies.  There are age-long discussions about the difference between a doner kabeb, the shawarma, and even the gyro…but I’m a lover, not a fighter, so I’m not getting into it.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re all delicious!

I checked in with Marrakesh Express, the awesomely yellow food truck stationed at 40th and Spruce in West Philly. This halal, Moroccan food truck has a straight-to-the-point menu: they mostly have shawarmas, so get a dang shawarma!

Upon my arrival, I was offered Moroccan Mint Tea by the very nice gentlemen operating the truck. I would definitely recommend grabbing this tea with your meal, as it provides a nice flavor balance with a shawarma. Earthy, sweet and refreshing! Great for our global-warming influenced spring days here in Philly.

So, for today’s Bite This! series, I invite you to bite into the Marrakesh Express Chicken Shawarma. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles (nice surprise) and a yogurt sauce, this succulent, perfectly-sized and seasoned, Moroccan banger will definitely make you want step up your Moroccan cuisine game!


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