Bite This!: Whole Foods on a Budget

If you are like me, the Whole Foods Salad Bar is simply not an option. Wooed by all those healthy options, you saunter inside in your healthy mood, willing to pay a little extra for some healthy stuff, you get your little cardboard bowl thing and you spend a half hour strategically picking things that make feel like you are eating healthy, things that look like they might not taste like cardboard, things that don’t weigh much and maybe even a few spoonfuls of something that actually looks tasty. Proud of yourself for hooking up the most random, hardy, 8ish(?) dollar salad ever, you hit the cashier only to find out…It’s $15! WTF! Somehow those curry lentils must have been heavier than you thought, or maybe it was that teaspoon of beet salad? that square inch of tuna steak? Whatever the case you’ve lost hope( and more money) at whole foods. Here are a few quick tips to hold you down.

1. Breakfast Oatmeal. I know, oatmeal is dirt cheap how could it be a deal? Peep game: you get steel-cut oats, you know they have the little crunchy pop consistency, and you help yourself to the fruit bar for $1.99. Say what you want about Whole Foods but their blueberries are sweeter than the ones at Pathmark.

2. Head for the Boarder, or just the edge of the prepared food counter where they have the taco display. You get three tacos( veggie steak, real steak pulled pork, grilled chicken, black bean or fried fish or that equivalent of meat on a bed of rice and beans for $6.00 bucks!!

Bonus: Talk to the cheese people, they know stuff. Not only will you get tasters and of whatever you point to, they can also tell you which cheeses are on sale( often only because they were new and less known) that are tasty.

If you have your own tips  for winning at Whole Foods hit us on twitter at @BigBitePhilly and let us know 😉


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