2012 SPOONsor: Reese’s Treasured Pieces

BigBite cannot express how thankful we are for the amount of support provided for our events, especially from our sponsors! It is this support that moves us forward!  Real talk. We want to thank Reese’s Treasured Pieces for showing us love for the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

When all the chili is gone it must be time for dessert.  How about a big slice of cake?  Sorry, we don’t have any red velvet, but we do have Reese’s Treasured Pieces’ Diaper Cake!  Although inedible, diaper cake is the delectable gift that’s all the rage amongst expecting mothers, mothereffers, and baby showerers alike.  Created by Teresa “Reese”, (BigBite’s 2nd Annual Wing King Judge) a diaper cake consists of 75+ high quality diapers, and other baby supplies whipped up to look scrumptious!

Almost good enough to eat

Now the baby is born, all the cake is gone, its time for pictures!  Where will you go?  Sears?  Wal-Mart?  Forget the big names and call Reese!  Reese’s Treasured Pieces’ provides affordable photography services and will visit your home or wherever to take high quality family portraits of you and your treasure(s).  Reese is also available for weddings, birthday parties or any event you want to make special!


You can catch Teresa snapping pics in between bites at the Philly Chili Bowl.  Like her Facebook page, give her a ring 609.792.3112 or email reecygirlrn@hotmail.com.


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