2012 SPOONsor: Loco Motion

BigBite cannot express how thankful we are for the amount of support provided for our events, especially from our sponsors! It is this support that moves us forward!  Real talk. We want to thank Loco Motion for showing us love for the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

After consuming all these tasty chilis this Saturday, your belly might remind you it’s time to revisit 2012’s resolution to get in shape.  If so, you need to meet Loco Motion’s certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Jerome “Rome” Grace.  Loco Motion is a high intensity boot camp geared to burning fat and creating healthy specimens.  Eagles defensive tackle, Cullen Jenkins and rapper, Peedi Crakk can attest, Rome is the man to see to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.  To get positive results he says you must possess, “The four Three C’s “eat Chili, have Commitment, be Consistent, and be Coachable.

Recently, obtaining his kettle bell certification, Rome is ready to work y’all out that don’t there’s enough time to workout.  “Kettle bells are great for burning fat, building stamina, and creating endurance.  It’s also great for those pressed for time because you get a full workout in 20 minutes!”   Besides one-on-one sessions, Rome also offers group rates and will meet at your location to motivate your crew into shape so yall can look smokin’ hot on the beach this summer.

When he isn’t jumping around or riding on the Loco Motion, you can catch Rome working ‘em out at Club Metro USA.  Loco Motion Boot Camp is held at Life Center Academy in Burlington, NJ Mondays and Thursdays @ 6pm and Saturdays @ 10am- drop ins are welcome.  To schedule a consultation, call 609.332.9159 or just add Jerome Grace on FB and hear him pontificate about the virtues of gym etiquette.

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