2012 Chili SPOONsor: InkOne Art

BigBite can not express how thankful we are for the amount of support provided for our events, especially from our sponsors! It is this support that moves us forward!  Real talk. We want to thank InkOne Art for showing us love for the 3rd Annual Philly Chili Bowl!

InkOne Art, a Miami-based design brand, is dedicated to showcasing original artwork on prints, toy and tee’s with everything from pandas to robots, to typography, to zombies, and teddy bears, oh my!! You can check out these awesome pieces at Redbubble, a site that hosts the work of awesome and “sexy” artists such as InkOne.

InkOne Art also hooks it up with fan art, some of which you may find at ShirtPunch,  a 24-hour pop culture t-shirt website that features dope artists just like InkOne. In fact, InkOne will be featured during the month of March providing pop culture tee’s like this awesome shirt here of Shredder. Yup, remember this dude??? Throw back!! Holla at InkOne Art every 1st Friday starting March 2nd,  while it showcases new shirts and designs. Show some love to the forgotten pop-culture icons of the 80’s and 90’s and the artist who is bringing them back.

You know the best way to stay up with the new InkOne designs?? Follow InkOne on Twitter. You don’t have twitter? Follow InkOne on Facebook. If you are completely out of the new-age loop (aka the world wide social network web), then just visit the site here.

There’s no reason why you are not following InkOne Art.


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