We Did It – Drunken Gummy Bear

Two weeks ago we posted about an amazing idea – the Drunken Gummy Bear. We said we would try the recipe and we damn sure did.

Apparently, when we decided to get these bears it happened to be National Gummy Bear Day, because we couldn’t find any!! So, we went with the next best thing: Gummy Lifesavers.

The recipe is simple. All thats needed is gummies (preferably bears) and a liquor of choice.

 Bring them both together in a glass bowl and pour the liquor in until the liquor is covering 75-80% of the gummies…

Refridgerate them for five days, occasionally stirring, and BOOM!!! Ya done.And…um…yes…they grow in size because they really soak the booze up.

Get the full recipe here.

Please eat your candy responsibly and designate a non-alcoholic candy eater if you are going to be driving.


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