Mofongo Night

So before I post this island goodness, you might as well play this while reading. It’ll just add to the essence of the meal.

BigBite loves to eat and compete…but we can also get down in the kitchen. Here’s a recap of one of our latest homemade dinners which we  call Mofongo Night.

Mofongo, the signature dish of Puerto Rico, is a unique mash-up of fried plantains, garlic, olive oil and pork rinds. You can eat it as is, but can enhance your experience by adding meat, seafood or vegetables, usually in a broth. Traditionally it is served in a pilón, or mortar and pestle. Since we had a few guests, we skipped the pilón and just made mofongo “balls”.

To accompany the mofongo we made a seafood stew, consisting of squid, shrimp, mussels, baby squid, tilapia, scallops, veggies, and Spanish seasonings and ingredients in a tomato-wine-stock broth. 

We also made pernil (slow roasted pork). Pernil is also a signature dish in Puerto Rico. It’s made for special events, holidays, birthdays…Wednesdays…Ok, its pretty common to the Rican diet. We love pork! It’s slow roasted in Spanish seasonings, until the skin is nice and crispy! 

As always in a Puerto Rican meal, there was rice & beans and sweet plantains to add to your plate. 

Just writing this makes me want to eat and make this dinner all over again.…and I will…

Recipes to come!


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