Gummy Bears – The Life of the party

So I just bumped into this on the internet. It’s a must see, must do if you are gummy bear fanatic, like almost everyone I know.Just when you thought gummy bears couldn’t get any cooler…they hit the age of 21….and became Drunken Gummy Bears.

 Yup, Re-up your gummy stash this weekend and throw them in a pool of liquor to get this awesome little treat that we stole from a pretty little tumblr site called Life is Butter Dream.

Here’s the sweet deal.

Drunken Gummy Bears

What you need to make them:

  • Alcohol of your choice
  • Bowl (with a lid is optional)
  • Fridge
  • Gummy Bears

How to make them:

Put your gummy bears (or other gummy candy) in a bowl of your choice. Pour the liquor you are using into the bowl and cover about a 3/4 inch over the top of the gummy bears. You can put a lid on them or leave them uncovered if you would like. These MUST be left in the fridge, if not they will fall apart and turn into a huge glob of goo. The minimum to soak these is about 5 days, but the longer the better for them! Make sure to stir them 1-2 times daily to get them evened out.

Fun facts:

  • You can use ANY kind of alcohol to make these.
  • Use flavored alcohol to make them even yummier!
  • 7-10 equal a shot of the liquor you are using.
  • Yes, they will get you drunk – they are soaked in alcohol! 😉
  • They will stay good in the fridge for a very long time!
  • Serve them with a toothpick for cleaner eating.
  • We may have to serve some at our next event

What they look like when they are done:

You best believe I’m trying this at home tonight.


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