Travel Bites: Puerto Rico

 While the BigBite crew has been busy planning our next round of events, we’ve also been enjoying several food-tastic travels as well.

In mid-August we said, “Eff it! Let’s go to where the beautiful people go!” So BigBite made a trek all the way to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico (hooooooo!!!). Man oh man, it was fantastic! We sun-bathed on the beaches with the brightest sand in the Caribbean, swam in the natural waters of its well preserved rainforest (El Yunque), but spent the bulk of our time on this isla bonita in chow-town. We went in on Puerto Rican novelties– Frituras (fried island snacks), rice, beans, root veggies– and spared no expense when ordering the best of items on this Puerto Rican planet: mofongo ( fried and mashed plantains with garlic, oil and pork rinds) which is usually served in a pilón, or mortar and pestle. Que, que?!?!

 Check out these BigBite travel goodies. Please bear with us on our lack of quality photos.  Unfortunately, on BigBite’s last night together in the historic streets of El Viejo San Juan, our camera, full of great food shots, was um…misplaced.  The fact that it got lost had NOTHING to do with rum ingestion.

Buen provechoFresh Coconut water with a dab of Puerto Rico’s “special” touch: Rum. (On the way to Culebra. A small island off of the island)

And then came Mofongo. One of our travelers could not help but having mofongo for pretty much every meal documenting most of them on his camera phone.

Here are all the photos that were salvaged:Mofongo with the most buttery lobster stew everrrrr. This gem was by far the best we had, and amazingly was found on a roadside strip of small eateries. This irresistable treat was consumed post four-hour hike in El Yunque rainforest. The next night we made our way cross-island to Cabo Rojo, one of the best areas in Puerto Rico for fresh seafood. This snit right here, this snit right here….this was a pulpo and carrucho mofongo (octopus and conch friggin goodness).So, clearly we were on camera phone steez at this point so this photo is not too clear, but we indulged on our last night in El Viejo San Juan with nothing other than… more mofongo. What you see in the dark is a steak and a shrimp mofongo.

Trust us, when we return to Puerto Rico and capture our Travel Bites, you’ll be super jelly of the wealth of great food Ricans produce.

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