Champion’s Showcase: Lily, Tegan & Ali Wing King III

This year at the 3rd Annual Wing King Competition, we saw two new things. A group effort winning the Wing King trophy. AND it was the first time where both the trophy and the People’s Choice Award was taken by the same winner(s)! DAMN!!! BOLLYHOOD takes it all!Lily, Tegan and AliBigBite tips it’s hat off to you ladies! Congrats!

Here’s what these hot mama’s had to say in the Champion’s Showcase:
United by the belief that 3 chicks are better than 1- the pwwc (philadelphia womens wing collective) was established in early Spring 2011. While all of the founding members were up to their elbows in flour, pickles, and chocolate, as soon as the infamous CLUCK  of the wingKind resonated down the alleys of philadelphia, we wiped our hands on our aprons and were off to find the best wings for the job.

Not wanting anyone to be intimidated by the power of pwwc focusing on one wing, we decided to create three wings – and decided with our powers combined the great hen from above would bless us with at least one golden egg.

Like any collaborative, there were scratches along our path-but we puffed up our breasts and carried on to decide upon 3 final wing flavors, a spicy date, a wildflower honey serrano, and an indian tandoori wing.

The idea: The tandoori idea immediately resonated with the collective as one of our members had recently won another food competition with indian inspired baked goods. (Props to Lily who snatched the Cupcake Wars win with her indian style cupcakes. Watch her in action). We developed the ingredients and receipes- there were fingers in every pot- brining, marinating, roasting.

The Recipe: For the day of Wing King III, we split the wing preparation with co-coo Lily, wiping the yogurt marinade off the BOLLYHOOD and baking those wings to perfection, co-coo Ali, blending the roasted tomato sauce and whipping up the yogurt cucumber side sauce, and co-coo Tegan pinching this and sprinkling that for the perfect balance of spicy, salty, and delish.

As a last minute decision- we tasted the juicy flavorful wings and decided that instead of grilling them- a quick broil would really bring out the perfect goodness. Lily sat crouched on a small pot, watching the perfectly spiced-blessed wings like a proud mother- waiting for the split second to get that perfect char and hopefully avoiding the dreaded buurrrnn.

Next: The womens wing collective couldn’t be any prouder to win  the 3rd Annual WingKing, 2011- and hope to bring the WingQueen back in 2012.We believe in feeding, eating, and supporting our food sisters, and occasionally taking that pecking hen (even with the sash)……grabbing by her throat and roasting her to perfection… licking our fingers all the way. Who Runs the World????Watch the Wing king awards ceremonies here.

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