Champion’s Showcase: Jack, Wing King III

Jack K. placed 3rd in the 3rd Annual Wing King Competition, with his wings named SPICY DELIGHT. Jack and his girlfriend enjoy their platter full of his competitiors’ wings before the judging deliberation…Here’s what he had to say for his highlight in the Champion’s Showcase:
How do I describe my 2011 Wing King III experience? It was spicy and delightful.  The people, food, location and beer all came together perfectly and made for a great experience.  I was impressed with the smooth execution of both the wing competition and the kick ass party.  I also want to give a nod to whoever made the deviled eggs, he or she deserved a ribbon too. 

How I ended up in the event: I learned of the event and was encouraged to enter the night before it took place, by last year’s Wing King winner, Charlie and his Wing Queen, Melissa.  After talking up my recipe to Charlie over the course of the evening, I had to at least wake up the next morning and give it a try.  Cooking my wings was actually a somewhat long, painstaking process and it felt great to be rewarded for that work with the 3rd prize win.  My recipe: My Spicy Delight recipe is meant to capture the classic buffalo flavor, but also take it up a notch with a crispy texture and more spiciness. 

To start off, I pan-fried my wings in Peanut Oil.  I don’t have one, but I suppose a deep fryer would work just fine.  Before they were released to the grease, I rubbed the wings with a mixture of lemon-pepper salt, garlic powder, onion powder and crushed red pepper.  Ideally, no salt needs to be added because the cayenne sauce is already salty enough.
After the wings fried up, I placed them on a paper bag to allow some of the grease to drain off.  Then the wings went into a sauce made up of cayenne hot sauce, habanero peppers, chopped parsley, minced garlic, and pepper.  After they are dip into the sauce, the wings were lined up on a baking pan and put into the oven.  Baking makes the sauce crisp up, which to me is the best part.  If I could do it again, I would probably bake the wings at a higher temperature for more of a char.  Overall though, I think the recipe turned out well. 

Next: Although the Wing King III shirts in my size were sold out, I was able to get an old Philly Chilly Bowl tee, and now I have something else to look forward to before the 4th Annual Wing King, 2012.  I’m ready for some chili.  As for Wing King 2012, I hope to return and prove that I’m not a one-hit wonder. 

Thanks to all for making this a great event. 

-Jack K.

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