3rd Annual WING KING

Sowwees…we’ve been on vacation!

We are way past due on the 3rd Annual Wing King recap. That’s what happens when Philly is at the brink of going from a chilly and rainy spring to a summer filled with heat waves, bbq’s, beach trips, pool hang outs and other random fun, summa-time events!

So to fill those of you in who missed BigBite’s epic 3rd Annual Wing King, here’s the low down! On Saturday May 28th, 2011 BigBite came hard with its third installment of Philly’s best hidden gem, and wing-cellent chicken wing cooking competition.

BigBite hosted Wing King III at the one and only original location, the Cave on Carpenter…aka, BigBite’s own, Phil’s house. A total of 17 wings were entered (yes, all the Wing Ring-ers followed through and brought the heat!), ranging from all types of flavors, textures, and sizes. We can certainly say, people really stepped their game up this year.

See the quirky, creative and funny names given to these oh sooo good wangs!(We apologize in advance for the video quality and length. We could use a video editor. Email us if interested.)

In addition to these funny names, we  also couldn’t ask for a better line-up of judges for this event, so thank to (in order) Drew (CityPaper’s Mealticket blooger and Editor), Joe (People’s Republic Food Cart owner), Tom (Philly’s WingQuest blogger), Lily (Executive Director to COOK, Philly’s soon-to-open kitchen/classroom) and Ace (food enthusiast)!

They sat in that spring-time heat for at least two hours hands deep in wing sauce, and piles of suckling bones, while keeping a smile on their faces. But they trucked through it.Our judges were observant, detailed, and expressive! Thank you all for your time, stomachs and comments!

BigBite took soo much pleasure in watching folks have a good time…mostly because they were eating away! We gotta say, people were getting down and dirty with dem wangs, partly due to how awesome our plates were! What a beauty!Great for separating the pleothra of wings availabe, but even better for holding more food than your average bbq plate. Brilliant!

The more wings and fermented juices flowed, the more the anticipation grew. Who was going to take the People’s Choice Award (an additional judging round where spectators can throw in their two cents and vote for their favorite wing)?? And who was going to take that trophy to be named the 2011 WING KING?

Before we get to that though, BigBite wants to thanks our Sponsors who made it to our sweet (ice cold) t-shirts!

Our DJ, Shiz Le RoqJon Garr, who has officially given us a Wing King Anthem,“I finished all the food on my plate….I’m still hungrrryyy…”

And our photographers who took some awesome flicks. See some Wing King photos by these beautiful people; Ashton ,Teresa, Drew and Nadia

Ok. Now on to the fun stuff. The Ceremony! Check out our un-edited video (again, taking applicants) of the 3rd, 2nd and the People’s Choice Winners.

3rd Annual Wing King 3rd Place Winner: SPICY DELIGHT  3rd Annual Wing King 2nd Place Winner: KARRIBEAN KRACKINFor the final judging all we have to say is watch this. The winner also took home the People’s Choice Award!Thanks to our video man for getting deep into the crowd to catch all of the action!

Thanks to Chicken with an elaborate Wing King trophy dance

And of course congratulations to Lily, Tegan and Ally for sweeping the People Choice Award AND the crown for the 3rd Annual Wing King (QUEEN) win! You ladies really blew us away! Who run the world!?!

Side note: Lily Fischer (Wing King winner) was also the winner of the recent Cupcake Wars: Bollywood editions. Girl is taking over the city! Winner of Wing King and Cupcake Wars…killing it. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on her deeelicious treats. You should get your hands on them too at, A Cupcake Wonderland!!

So that wraps up the 2011 Wing King Competition. Thank you All for your support, love and appetites. Without your supports we wouldn’t be able to do it.

More photos can be found on our facebook page: facebook/BigBite Philly

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