2nd Annual Philly Chili Cook-Offs’ 2nd Place winner is back!! You know, the Albino Rhino! He’s coming strong with his game. Chasing that 1st place trophy!

I’m from the land of where people not only eat SALSA but they listen and dance to it!! That’s right folks, the Boricuas’ back at the helm bringing that culinary mastery and mayhem directly to your taste buds. The salsa, referred to as sauce, runs thick in my veins; it’s the life force that propels my inner mad-scientist in the kitchen. And when it comes to the perfect chicken wing, the secrets in the sauce!

It’s just been a few weeks since I’ve had to unleash the cooking beast. My last creation rammed thru the mouths and stomachs of the innocent, causing a sensation in flavor that can only be classified as a religious experience.  The Albino Rhino did exactly what it was meant to do – shock, wow, awe, satisfy and intrigue its tasters. Now I’m back at the lab, creating the next beast to take down the competition. Be scared, because this time a new monstrosity is lurking…and…It… Tastes… like… CHICKEN! Wings, that is.From the depths of the Caribbean Sea – this killer concoction will take on all who oppose in an epic battle to the finish. This isn’t a game! My concoctions and dishes have been known to confuse and titillate; to attack and caress; to befuddle and satisfy; to divide then procreate! And who am I to lay such claims?! I AM CHICKEN. I eat, breathe, sleep and dream about chicken. Ask me what I want for breakfast: Wings. Ask me what I want for lunch: Wings. Ask me what I want for dinner? Arroz con pollo y masitas de pollo frito; but then: WINGS. At Wing King don’t you dare come with some weak wings, because when I sound the alarms… the KARIBBEAN KRAKEN will…be… UNLEASHED!

Submit your photo’s to to enter the WING RING, if you are ready to battle.

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2 responses to “WING RING SERIES: Alex

  • AlexR

    What?! Second place all in your face!! A special thanks to the guys over at BigBite for one hell of a competition, @Dayo, @Amy & @Phil!! You guys rocked one hell of a party! Hit me up if y’all want to know the recipe!! Thanks again!! I see you guys at the next one for sure…!

  • Champion’s Showcase: Alex, Wing King III | bigbiteblog

    […] Alex R, (from our Wing Ring Series). not only placed in 2nd during the 2nd Annual Philly Chili Bowl, but also kept that same seat for the 3rd Annual Wing King Competition, with his latin wings know as KARIBBEAN KRAKEN. […]

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